Qajar (Kadjar) Succession


Succession to the Qajar (Kadjar) Throne:

Importance of the question; Who is the Heir Apparent today and who is the Head of the Imperial House, and why?

All ruling families in history have considered the importance of establishing a clear line of succession paramount. It is a principle that allows for continuity and stability, especially in turbulent times. The establishment of a clear picture regarding the head of a ruling house is even more important when the dynasty is not in power anymore, since the centrifugal forces of exile and the passage of time, easily erase whatever memory there is left of an otherwise once cohesive and highly structured reality.

This is of particular importance for the newer generation, who unlike their parents and grand-parents could not benefit from growing up in a milieu where the question of who is who within their own family and even within the larger Qajar (Kadjar) clan, was almost second nature to most. Being away from home and country and being subject to forces often antithetical to the very idea of continuity in a world of ever faster paced change, the younger generation would soon forget even the most basic facts about its own origins and roots.

Lastly, the question of succession is a question that if left unresolved, could lead to even further rifts in a family that now finds itself in exile and often out of touch with its own members. A clarification of the matter could help focus the diaspora if nothing else. As our own recent history has shown us, the matter could be crucial should the need actually arise for a person to step forward and take the helm. Then is not the time to go and consult dusty old documents and musty memories as to who in fact could be in charge. Such matters must be kept in order ahead of the day when they would be needed and must be reliable in order to be relied upon should the need arise.

The person who today could most lay claim the title Crown Prince of the Kadjar (Qajar) Imperial House is Mohammad Hassan Mirza II Kadjar, great grand-son of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar. His lineage is as follows: On his father's side he is the son of Soltan Hamid Mirza, son of Mohammad Hassan Mirza, son of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar. On his mother's side he is the son of Princess Mahindokht Malek-Mansour, daughter of Fathollah Mirza Sho'a Saltaneh II (Malek-Mansour), grand-son of Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah, and Princess Khadijeh "Hazrat-e Ghodsieh," daughter of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar.

Following the primogeniture law which governs accession to the throne of Persia, as well as the edict of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar regarding the Qajar origin of the mothers of prospective crown princes, and the 1907 Addendum to the 1906 Constitution, in Moshir-ed-Dowleh Pirnia's hand, and signed by Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, regarding the right of accession to the throne of Persia for his descendants, Mohammad Hassan Mirza II is the rightful pretender to the Kadjar (Qajar) throne of Persia/Iran, should he wish to claim that title. Mohammad Hassan Mirza II is the great-grandson of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar through both his maternal and paternal line. Mohammad Hassan Mirza II Kadjar's son, Prince Arsalan Kadjar, on account of the Persian origin of his mother, would also qualify according to the above-cited guidelines as the next crown prince of the Kadjar Imperial House. Thus the imperial line safely continues through at least this lineage to the present.

Before him, in the accepted tradition of the Kadjar (Qajar) Imperial House, Mohammad Hassan Mirza II's father, Prince Soltan Hamid Kadjar was the titular crown prince, and before him his father Mohammad Hassan Mirza, Soltan Ahmad Shah's brother, chosen as his crown prince and later as his regent by Soltan Ahmad Shah himself, when Soltan Ahmad Shah was in Paris from 1923 onward. Mohammad Hassan Mirza had been declared crown prince at a time when Soltan Ahmad Shah had no male offspring yet, and Mohammad Hassan Mirza even declared himself Shah in exile at the death of his brother Soltan Ahmad Shah in 1930, and was accepted and addressed as such by the Imperial House in exile despite the fact that there was a son surviving Soltan Ahmad Shah, Fereydoun Mirza.

Fereydoun Mirza was born in the summer of 1923, shortly before Soltan Ahmad Shah's voyage to Paris in October of that year. Immediately after his birth, the child was sent to his grand-mother, Malekeh Jahan, Mohammad Ali Shah's wife and queen, who then was already in exile in Europe, and he grew up in her household and under her tutelage. In his last will and testament, written in his own hand in French, Soltan Ahmad Shah had willed this son to be his heir and crown prince, thus transferring the title of crown prince from his brother to his son Fereydoun Mirza. The point, however, was not pressed by Fereydoun Mirza's trustees, for personal and familial reasons, when his father, Soltan Ahmad Shah, passed away (the prince still being a small child of seven then), and Mohammad Hassan Mirza retained the title of crown prince and declared himself shah in exile in 1930, and was accepted as such by the Imperial House.

However, in 1930, Soltan Ahmad Shah's son, Fereydoun Mirza does in fact become Head of the Kadjar Imperial House and remains so until his death in 1975. Additionally, from 1943 onwards, that is from the time of the death of Mohammad Hassan Mirza, Fereydoun Mirza combines in himself both the titles of Heir Presumptive and Head of the Imperial House, though he reluctantly laid claim to either of them. It is only upon Fereydoun Mirza's death in 1975, that Mohammad Hassan Mirza's son, Soltan Hamid Mirza succeeds him as Head of the Imperial House as well as Heir Presumptive, thus merging the two functions again in his own person. That Hamid Mirza laid no claim to either title before Fereydoun Mirza's passing is further testimony to the fact that Fereydoun Mirza was indeed the rightful heir to both those titles. Upon Soltan Hamid Mirza's death in 1988, Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, brother of Soltan Ahmad Shah, becomes Head of the Imperial House for a short while. Upon his death, Soltan Mahmoud Mirza's nephew, Soltan Ali Mirza Kadjar, son of Soltan Abdol Madjid Mirza, becomes Head of the Kadjar Imperial House of Persia, since his father Soltan Majid Mirza, had predeceased Soltan Mahmoud Mirza by two years. Soltan Ali Mirza was the Head of the Kadjar Imperial House until his death, May 27, 2011. The current Head of the Imperial House, succeeding Soltan Ali Mirza is Mohammad Ali Mirza, son of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Kadjar.

With Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, the two titles of Heir Presumptive and Head of the Imperial House diverged once again and remain so until today, even though, strictly speaking, the title "Heir Presumptive" could also have been claimed by Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, if we consider the testament of Soltan Ahmad Shah once again and also remember that Fereydoun Mirza had no eligible offspring for that title. (For an explanation please see below under "Members of the Imperial Family descended from Mohammad Ali Shah.")

As to the reason for the divergence of the titles "Head of the Imperial House" and "Heir Presumptive," the former Head of the Imperial House, Soltan Ali Mirza Kadjar replied that the title "Head of the Imperial House" really had no other function than being indicative of the fact that the bearer is the oldest surviving member of the Imperial Family, descended from Mohammad Ali Shah ("Bozorg-e Khaanevaadeh" in Persian). Soltan Ali Mirza himself much preferred the French term "doyen" to that of "Head of the Imperial House," as, in his own words, the position refered to the one member who is senior in age to all the others in the Imperial line and to the one who still shoulders the task of reassembling around him, in titular fashion, the Kadjar clan. The Head of the Imperial House so defined has no claims to either the title of "Crown Prince" or to that of "Pretender to the Throne" or "Heir Presumptive." Soltan Ali Mirza himself was emphatic that he had no claims or ambitions whatsoever to that title, especially in view of the fact that the Kadjars have an heir to their throne in the person of Mohammad Hassan Mirza II Kadjar and his son Prince Arsalan Kadjar.

Of the senior male members of the Imperial House descended from Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan, there remains now only one: Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza Kadjar, son of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza (Soltan Ahmad Shah's brother also.) As Soltan Mahmoud Mirza was Soltan Madjid Mirza's senior, the title "Head of the Imperial House" devolved upon him in 1988 upon Soltan Hamid Mirza's death. As Soltan Ali Mirza was Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza's senior, that title rightfully devolved upon him after his uncle's passing. (As mentioned above, Soltan Ali Mirza's own father, Soltan Madjid Mirza, had predeceased his brother, Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, thus Soltan Ali Mirza and not Soltan Madjid Mirza becomes the next Head of the Imperial House.) The next most senior member of the Kadjar Imperial House after Soltan Ali Mirza is Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza son of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, and the burden of heading the Imperial House as the oldest member of the Imperial House descended from Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar now devolves upon him after the passing of Soltan Ali Mirza. But what after Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza? Who would be Head of the Imperial House?

To answer this question let us briefly trace the lineage of the members of the Imperial Family descended from Mohammad Ali Shah:

Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar had eight children from two marriages. From his first wife he had one son, Hossein Ali Mirza E'tezad Saltaneh. From his second marriage to Princess Malekeh Jahan Khanoum, his queen, he had seven children, the oldest child Gholam Hossein Mirza, who died in infancy, Soltan Ahmad Mirza (later Soltan Ahmad Shah) and Soltan Ahmad Mirza's brothers and sisters. The names of Mohammad Ali Shah's children and their respective descendants are listed below as follows:

1. -- The oldest son of Mohammad Ali Shah is Hossein Ali Mirza E'tezad Saltaneh (born 1896-died 1953 Tehran). Hossein Ali Mirza E'tezad Saltaneh's mother, Robabeh Khanoum "Malih-e Saltaneh," was not of Qajar origin and was not Mohammad Ali Shah's aghdi wife. On account of this fact, the succession to throne went to Soltan Ahmad Mirza, Mohammad Ali Shah's third son (see above), born of Princess Malekeh Jahan Khanoum, daughter of Kamran Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh.

The descendants of Prince E'tezad Saltaneh have taken the family name E'tezad Mozaffar and reside today in Iran. They are first and second cousins to the other children of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar (Kadjar), but are not in direct line for the Qajar (Kadjar) throne. As to the question whether the descendants of Prince E'tezad Saltaneh would be in line for the title Head of the Imperial House, that question too would be moot, as they are not descendants of the imperial couple, Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan. However, in the absence of any remaining princess in the Imperial line, they would be considered to have primacy in view of the fact that they are indeed descendants of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, and thus, aside from being important princes in the Kadjar family on this account, also bearers of the blood line of Mohammad Ali Shah.

Prince E'tezad Saltaneh married twice. From his first marriage to Princess Ghamar ed-Dowleh, daughter of Prince Abolfath Mirza Salar-ed-Dowleh, there are two children: Akbar Mirza and Asghar Mirza E'tezad Mozaffar. From his second marriage to Soghra Khanoum Sadegh, there are seven children (in order): Nasrollah Mirza, Dr. Assadollah Mirza, Hamzeh Mirza, Abbas Mirza, Princess Soudabeh, Princess Safourah, and Princess Soraya. Each of the nine children of Prince E'tezad Saltaneh have descendants. (For a complete list of their children, please see IQSA Journal Qajar Studies Vol. VII (2007))

Mohammad Ali Shah

Hossein Ali Mirza --- (half-brother) --- Soltan Ahmad Shah / Mohammad Hassan Mirza

Akbar Mirza --- Asghar Mirza --- (1st cousins) --- Fereydoun Mirza --- Soltan Hamid Mirza

Their children (2nd cousins) to Teymour Mirza and Mohammad Hassan Mirza II

2. -- Gholam Hossein Mirza (b. -- d. ) first son of Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan. Died in infancy.

3. -- Soltan Ahmad Shah, (b. Tabriz January 21, 1898--d. Neuilly-sur-Seine February 27, 1930), second and eldest surviving son (see above) and heir of Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan, became Crown Prince March 10,1907 at the age of nine. He reigned with two regents from July 16, 1909 to July 21, 1914. He was crowned Shahanshah in Tehran July 21, 1914 and reigned as Shah until October 31, 1925. Soltan Ahmad Shah had three daughters and one son from several marriages: Princess Maryamdokht; Princess Irandokht, Princess Homayoundokht and Fereydoun Mirza, his youngest child and only son.

(For a unique picture of all four children of Soltan Ahmad Shah together [courtesy Soltan Ahmad Shah's grand-son Malek Iradj Panahi] please click here.)

Soltan Ahmad Shah married five times. Princess Maryamdokht's mother, Delaram, was of Baluchi origin. Princess Irandokht's mother was a Qajar (Kadjar) princess, Shahzadeh Khanoum Badr-ol-Molouk Vala, daughter of Prince Hossein Mirza Vala Qajar, "Zahir Soltan." Princess Homayoundokht's mother was also a Qajar (Kadjar) princess, Princess Khanoum Khanoumha Moezzi, daughter of Prince Moezz-ed-Dowleh II. Prince Fereydoun Mirza's mother was Fatemeh. In addition to these four marriages, Soltan Ahmad Shah's aghdi wife was Lida Khanoum Djahanbani. From this marriage there was no offspring. After Soltan Ahmad Shah, Lida Khanoum Djahanbani married her cousin, General Mansour Djahanbani. (See Qajars and Pahlavis on this site.)

3.1 Princess Maryamdokht, Soltan Ahmad Shah's oldest daughter, was born in 1915 in Tehran. She married Dr. Albert Albertini, a Frenchman of Italian descent. He became a U.S. citizen in 1947. They had two sons and two daughters: Tulio, Guy, Florence Ines Elisabeth and Maria-Pia. Princess Maryamdokht passed away on October 11. 2005, in Baltimore, Maryland. Princess Maryamdokht had four grand-children and seven great grand-children. (For a complete list of Princess Maryamdokht's grand-children, please see IQSA Journal Qajar Studies Vol. VII (2007).)

3.2 Princess Irandokht (b. 1916 Tehran--d. 1980 Tehran) married Abbas Faroughi. She had three children, one daughter and two sons, Ahmad, Zinat, and Dara. Ahmad Faroughi-Kadjar, (b.1938--d.1998), was an accomplished film-maker and ardent defender of the honor of the Kadjar dynasty. He had two children. From his first marriage to Joan Cooper, he had Anoushka (b. 1962--d. 1989 London), and from his second marriage to Marie-Francoise Roy, Mariam (b. 1978), who lives in Paris and London today. Ahmad Faroughi was married thirdly to Soraya Moaven. There are no offspring from this last marriage. Zinat Faroughi-Kadjar (b. 1942) lives in Tehran today and has no children. Dara Faroughi-Kadjar (b. 1945) lives in Massachussets. He has two children Darius (b. 1985) and Cyrus Faroughi (b. 1988) both living in Caracas, Venezuela.

3.3 Princess Homayoundokht (b. 1917 Tehran--d. 2011 Geneva) married Mr. Djafar Panahi, member of Iranian Parliament. They had four children: Touradj, Chahla, Malek Iradj, and Shirine, all residing in Europe today. For pictures of Princess Homayoundokht's children, Malek Iradj, Chahla and Shirine, please click here. Princess Homayoundokht passed away in geneva on December 8, 2011. For her obituary please click here. (For a complete list of Princess Homayoundokht's grand-children, please see IQSA Journal Qajar Studies Vol. VII (2007).)

3.4 Fereydoun Mirza, (b. 1923 Tehran--d. 1975 Geneva), Soltan Ahmad Shah's son from a non-Qajar wife, Fatemeh Khanoum, married a woman of Bulgarian descent, Magdalina Guevrenova, and had three children from this marriage: Prince Teymour, Princess Eylah and Princess Cheylah, all residing in Switzerland today. On account of the foreign origin of Fereydoun Mirza's wife, his son, Prince Teymour cannot lay claim to the title Heir Presumptive, based on the tradition of the Kadjar Imperial House. He is, nevertheless, one of the important Qajar (Kadjar) princes, being the only grandson of Soltan Ahmad Shah in the male primogeniture line! (For a complete list of Prince Fereydoun Mirza's grand-children, please see IQSA Journal Qajar Studies Vol. VII (2007).)

4. -- Mohammad Hassan Mirza (b. Tabriz February 20, 1899 -- d. Maidenhead, England, January 7, 1943), was Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan's third son. he was declared Crown Prince on the 16th of July 1909, by the Regent Ali Reza Khan Azod-el-Molk, as by then Soltan Ahmad Shah had no male offspring of his own yet (see copy of translation of document above). He married five times, first in 1922 as his aghdi wife to Princess Mahin Banou Malek Mansour (daughter of Prince Malek mansour Sho'a os-Saltaneh, son of Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah Qajar)and then as sigheh marriages to: 1) Mohtaram Saltaneh Razzaghi; 2) Homayoun Saltaneh Khanoum Qajar Qovanlou (grand-daughter of Hossein Gholi Khan Qajar Qovanlou, brother of Fath Ali Shah Qajar); 3) Shams ol-Molouk Khanoum (daughter of Moshaver ol-Verzareh); and 4) Aziz Aghdas, a Turkish lady. Mohammad Hassan Mirza had three sons: Soltan Hossein Mirza (b. 1917 Tabriz --d.1986 Canada; son of Homayoun Saltaneh Khanoum Qajar Qovanlou); Soltan Hamid Mirza (b. Tabriz April 23, 1918 -- d. London, May 5, 1988; son of Mohtaram Saltaneh Razzaghi); and Rokneddin Mirza (b. Tehran, June 1923 -- d. Geneva, January 1996; son of Shams el-Molouk Khanoum), and two daughters: Princess Shams Aqdas (b. Tehran 1919 -- d. November 1991 in Paris; daughter of Aziz Aghdas) and Princess Guitty Afrouz (b. Tehran in 1922, daughter of Princess Mahin Banu Malek-Mansour, Mohammad Hassan Mirza's aghdi wife.)

(For a rare picture of all five children of Mohammad Hassan Mirza, (courtesy of Soltan Ali Mirza Kadjar) please click here.)

4.1 Soltan Hossein Mirza, son of Homayoun Saltaneh, a Qovanlou-Qajar herself, was the oldest son of Mohammad Hassan Mirza and thus the designated heir, after Mohammad Hassan Mirza's death. (For discussion of divergence of title of heir/crown prince and head of family see above. For question of succession between Mohammad Hassan Mirza and his sons and Fereydoun Mirza, son of Soltan Ahmad Shah, see above also.) The reason Soltan Hossein Mirza never took the title crown prince was his abdication of the position of crown prince and heir in favor of his younger half-brother, Soltan Hamid Mirza, having considered him more suited for that position. Soltan Hossein Mirza emigrated to Canada in 1939. In World War II, like his brother Soltan Hamid Mirza (who served under the assumed name "David Drummond" in the British Navy), he also served in the British Navy, joining the minesweepers in 1943. Educated at the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, he chose to pursue his interests as a forester and later businessman in Canada. He died in 1986 and had no offspring.

4.2 Soltan Hamid Mirza, (b. Tabriz, 23 April 1918 -- d. London, 5 May 1988), son of Mohtaram Saltaneh Razaghi, had one daughter and one son from his marriage to Princess Mahindokht Malek-Mansour. Their daughter, Princess Nassrindokht resides in Florida today and is married Mr. Rahbari. Soltan Hamid Mirza's and Princess Mahindokht's son, Mohammad Hassan Mirza II (b. July 18, 1949), known as Prince "Mickey" among close family members, is today the one Qajar (Kadjar) prince who could lay claim to the Qajar (Kadjar) throne. As already mentioned, Mohammad Hassan Mirza II has one son, Prince Arsalan, and two daughters. They all reside in Dallas, Texas. Soltan Hamid Mirza married a second time in 1960 to Mrs. Soudabeh Afshar. There are no children from this union. Mohammad Hassan Mirza II and Teymour Mirza are second cousins; their fathers Soltan Hamid Mirza and Fereydoun Mirza were first cousins.
-- (Click here to listen to Interview with Soltan Hamid Mirza through the Harvard Oral History Project).

4.3 Rokneddin Mirza, son of Shams el Molouk Khanoum, had three children from his marriage to Madame Anita Kadjar (nee Neri): Princess Chamssy (b. May 4, 1959), Princess Maryam (b. July 28, 1960), and Prince Karim (b. January 28, 1972), Princess Chamssy married Pierre Michel. They have four children: Marie, Valentine, Sophie and Clothilde. Princess Maryam married Niels Olesen. They have two children: Nikolej and Celine. Nikolej has a daughter from his union with Marie-France Lebogo by the name of Anna Rita (b. October 2006). Prince Karim has one daughter with his partner Marie Anquez, Simine Kadjar (b. September 2006). Prince Karim is first cousin to Mohammad Hassan Mirza II, but cannot lay claim to the Kadjar succession on account of the nationality of his mother. Madame Anita Kadjar resides in Switzerland today. Prince Karim resides in Paris.

4.4 Princess Shams Aqdas, daughter of Aziz Aqdas, had three daughters and one son from her marriage to Mr. Khalil Malek. Her son Rahmatollah Khan was born in 1958. He married Odile de Pellegars and has one daughter from this marriage, Capucine Malek (b. Paris 1991). Princess Shams Aqdas's oldest daughter Mehrandokht (b. Paris, 1949) is a lawyer living in Paris. Princess Shams Aqdas's second daughter Haideh (b. Tehran 1947), is married to Mr. Roland Riboux, a Frenchman; they have two sons, Aydin and Shapour, studying in Paris and Toronto respectively. Princess Shams Aqdas's third daughter Haleh Malek was born in Tehran in 1955 and is a freelance journalist living in Paris today.

4.5 Princess Guitty Afrouz, daughter of Princess Mahin Banu Malek-Mansour, married an American, Lieutenant-Colonel William Henry Wambold (d. November 18, 2000), and had two twin daughters and one son. Her son Ali Edward Kadjar-Wambold is an executive of Banque Lazare in the United States today. He married Monica Gerard-Sharp and they have two daughters: Daniele and Dominica. Princess Guitty Afrouz's daughters are Robin and Kristen. Robin married Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza Qajar (son of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Qajar) (see below 7.2) They divorced and there is no offspring from that marriage. Kristen is married and has children. (To be completed.)

Princess Guitty Afrouz is the daughter of Princess Mahin Banu Malek-Mansour. Princess Mahin Banu is also the aunt of Princess Mahindokht Malek-Mansour, wife of Soltan Hamid Mirza and mother of Mohammad Hassan Mirza II. Princess Mahin Banu Malek-Mansour was Mohammad Hassan Mirza's aghdi wife. Princess Guitty Afrouz and her family reside in the United States today. (For more detail on the Malek-Mansour family please see "Malek-Mansour" under the "Shajarehnaameh Project" in these pages.)

Mohammad Ali Shah

Soltan Ahmad Shah --- (brothers) --- Mohammad Hassan Mirza

Fereydoun Mirza --- (1st cousins) --- Hamid Mirza

Teymour Mirza --- (2nd cousins) --- Mohammad Hassan Mirza II

Arsalan Mirza

5. -- Princess Khadijeh "Hazrat-e Ghodsieh," (b. Tabriz 1900 -- d. Tehran 1956), oldest daughter of Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan, married Fathollah Mirza Malek Mansour (Sho'a Saltaneh II). They had one daughter: Princess Mahindokht Malek Mansour.

5.1 Princess Mahindokht Malek Mansour married Soltan Hamid Mirza and is the mother of Mohammad Hassan Mirza II Kadjar, now living in Dallas, Texas, and Princess Nassrindokht Kadjar (m. Rahbari) now living in Florida. (For detail on Mohammad Hassan Mirza II see 3) above.) Princess Mahindokht passed away in Paris in 2009.

6. -- Princess Assieh, (b. 1908 -- d. Esfahan 1953 or 54), second daughter of Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan. Princess Assieh (Aassieh) married Soltan Majid Mirza Mozaffari, second son of Prince Abolfath Mirza Salar-ed-Dowleh (son of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah Qajar) and had three children from that marriage:

6.1. Soltan Vahid Mirza, who lives in Tehran today. Soltan Vahid Mirza has no offspring.

6.2. Princess La'ya (m. Badreddin); she has one son, Mohammad Reza, and five daughters. (To be completed.)

6.3. Princess Ensieh (m. Sardari). Princess Ensieh has offspring. Princess Ensieh passed away in 2005 in Tehran. (To be completed.)

7. -- Soltan Mahmoud Mirza (b. Tehran October 15, 1905 -- d. Evian July 2, 1988) married Effat Khanoum Ashtiani. They had one son, Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza (b. Paris May 23, 1942), and one daughter Princess Tourandokht "Touran Aghdas," (b. Deauville February 2, 1940).

7.1 Princess Tourandokht married to Keykhosro Mirza Kamrani-Kadjar and has two children Prince Djahangir (b. Paris January 8, 1970) and Prince Navid (b. Paris June 15, 1981). They reside in Europe. Prince Keykhosro Mirza Kamrani-Kadjar passed away in Paris January 8, 2007.

7.2 Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza, known among close family members as Prince "Amoush," is a banker living in Europe. He was first married to Robin Kadjar-Wambold (daughter of Princess Guity Afrouz (see above 4.5)). They divorced without offspring. From his second recent marriage to Charlotte Fournois, Mohammad Ali Mirza has one daughter, Princess Roxanne (b. Paris, May 30, 1993).

Mohammad Ali Shah

Soltan Ahmad Shah (brothers) Soltan Mahmoud Mirza

Fereydoun Mirza (1st cousins) Mohammad Ali Mirza

Teymour Mirza (2nd cousins) Princess Roxanne

8. -- Soltan Majid Mirza (b. Tehran January 7, 1907 -- d. Paris May 24, 1986) married Homadokht Kia "Shayesteh Khanoum" (b. Tehran August 15, 1912 -- d. Neuilly-sur-Seine November 20, 1992, daughter of Yavar Hossein Khan Kia). They had only one son, Soltan Ali Mirza (b. Beirut November 16, 1929). Soltan Ali Mirza passed away in Paris, Friday May 27, 2011.

8.1 Soltan Ali Mirza (d. May 27, 2011) Prince Ali, as he was known among close family members, was the acclaimed author of a history of the Qajar kings: Les Rois oublies. He lived in Paris and was the senior member of the Imperial family descended from Mohammad Ali Shah and considered himself the "doyen" of the Imperial House, having been the eldest descendant of Mohammad Ali Shah's line. He was first cousin to Mohammad Ali Mirza and to Fereydoun Mirza, and thus first cousin to Mohammad Hassan Mirza II's father, Soltan Hamid Mirza. Though he never married, Soltan Ali Mirza had a son by the name of Matthieu, born in the early 1960s in Paris, who as Matthieu Ghaderi serves in law enforcement for the government of France.

Mohammad Ali Shah

Soltan Ahmad Shah (brothers) Soltan Madjid Mirza

Fereydoun Mirza (1st cousins) Soltan Ali Mirza

(For a rare picture of two sons of Mohammad Ali Shah and a son of Mohammad Hassan Mirza and a daughter of Soltan Ahmad Shah, click here.)

After the death of Soltan Ali Mirza, Soltan Mohammad Ali Mirza is now the senior prince from Mohammad Ali Shah's and Malekeh Jahan's line and thus Head of the Imperial Kadjar Family, and after him are Teymour Mirza, Fereydoun Mirza's son, and Mohammad Hassan Mirza II, Soltan Hamid Mirza's son, who is Heir Presumptive. It is through these princes and their offspring that the Qajar (Kadjar) Imperial line continues to live on!

Beyond these three are the princes descended from the other sons of Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah; princes descended from the other sons of Nasser-ed-Din Shah and so on. Beyond them still are the senior princes from the other major princely families of the larger Qajar (Kadjar) family. An attempt will be made to list as many of them as accurately as possible. A beginning has been made with the "Shajarehnaameh Project" in these pages.

For further clarifications on familial ties and lines of descent from the various Qajar (Kadjar) shahs, please see the following pages on this site also:

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Note: There is a question regarding the identity of this prince: Mohammad Mehdi Mirza (b. 9/1908-d.?), reputed to be the youngest son of Mohammad Ali Shah according to Burke's and the Almanach the Bruxelles. The records of the Imperial Family do not indicate the existence of such a child of Mohammad Ali Shah.



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