Children of Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah Qajar (Kadjar)




Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah, (b. 1853--d. 1907; r. 1896-1907)


Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah's wives (in order of marriage):

1. Tadj al-Molouk, "Omm ol-Khaghan," daughter of Amir Kabir and Princess Ezzat ed-Dowleh I (sister of Nasser-ed-Din shah), who bore him Mohammad Ali Mirza (later Shah) and Princess Ezzat-ed-Dowleh II (later wife of Abdol Hossein Mirza Farman-Farma, see below.)

2. After divorcing Omm ol-Khaghan, Mozaffar ed-Din Shah married, Princess Ashraf "Hazrat-e Olia*," daughter of Firouz Mirza Nosrat ed-Dowleh I and sister of Abdol Hossein Mirza Farman Farma. She bore him three daughters and one son as follows: Princesses Fakhr-ed-Dowleh, Shokouh ed-Dowleh and Shokouh al-Saltaneh and Prince Nasser ed-Din Mirza (Nasseri) (See below.) Princess Hazrat-e Olia was also the sister of Princess Najm-e Saltaneh, the mother of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh.**

Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah had three more aghdi wives:

Ghods ed-Dowleh, of the Afshar tribe, with whom he had two sons: Abol-Fath Mirza "Salar ed-Dowleh" and Abol-Fazl Mirza "Azod al-Soltan." (See below.)

Mahin al-Saltaneh, who bore him one son, Hossein Gholi Mirza "Nosrat al-Saltaneh" (Nosrat-Mozaffari), Soltan Ahmad Shah's favorite uncle. (See below.)

Princess Nezhat ol-Molouk, who bore him one son and one daughter, Malek-Mansour Mirza "Sho'a al-Saltaneh" and Princess "Aghdass ed-Dowleh." (See below.)

Mozaffar ed-Din Shah also married several sigheh wives (to be completed).

His sons: (in order of seniority)

1. Mohammad Ali Mirza, "E'tezad al-Saltaneh," son of Omm ol-Khaghan, later Mohammad Ali Shah, (b. 1872--d.1925; r. 1907-09), Imperial Line as well as ancestor of the E'tezad Mozaffar family.

2. Ahmad Mirza, son of Omm ol-Khaghan, died in early childhood.

3. Malek Mansour Mirza, "Sho'a al-Saltaneh," (b. 1880 -- d. 1920), ancestor of the Malek Mansour family.

4. Abol Fath Mirza, "Salar ed-Dowleh," (b. 1881 -- d. 1961), ancestor of the Ghajar Mozaffari family.

5. Abol Fazl Mirza, "Azod al-Soltan," (b. 1882 -- d. 1922), ancestor of the Azod family.

6. Hossein Qoli Mirza, "Nosrat al-Saltaneh,"(b. 1884 (94?)-- d. 1945), ancestor of the Nosrat Mozaffari family.

7. Nasser ed-Din Mirza, (b. 1896 -- d. ?), ancestor of the Nasseri family.


One of the last pictures of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah, with his sons, (from right to left) Abol-Fazl Mirza Azod al-Soltan, Mohammad Ali Mirza (later Shah), Malek Mansour Mirza Sho'a al-Saltaneh, Hossein Qoli Mirza Nosrat al-Saltaneh, and Abol-Fath Mirza Salar ed-Dowleh (Source: Prince Abounasr Azod)

His daughters: (in order of seniority)

1. Princess Ashraf al-Molouk Khanoum, "Fakhr al-Saltaneh," (b. 1870), wife of Soltan Abdol-Majid Mirza "Eyn-ed-Dowleh" Azodi (son of Soltan Ahmad Mirza "Azod ed-Dowleh," 49th son of Fath Ali Shah, author of Tarikh-e Azodi)

2. Princess Zarin Kolah Khanoum, Ehteram al-Saltaneh, (b. 1871). She married Morteza Gholi Khan Hedayat "Sani' ed-Dowleh."

3. Princess Ashraf al-Saltaneh, (b. 1872). She married Mohammad Vali Khan "Saheb Jam" "Assef al-Saltaneh" "Ashraf al-Saltaneh," Chamberlain of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah.

4. Princess Fatemeh Khanoum "Ezzat al-Saltaneh," "Ezzat ed-Dowleh II," (b. 1873), wife of Abdol Hossein Mirza Farman Farma, mother of Nosrat ed-Dowleh Firouz and Abbas Mirza Salar Lashgar.

5. Princess Malekeh Khanoum, "Qamar al-Saltaneh," (b. 1875). She married Gholam Reza Khan Gharehgozlou "Ehtesham ed-Dowleh"

6. Princess "Qamar ed-Dowleh," (b. 1875). She married Mirza Hossein Khan "Motamed ol-Molk," son of Yahya Khan "Moshir ed-Dowleh" and Princess Malekzadeh Khanoum "Ezzat ed-Dowleh," daughter of Mohammad Shah Qajar.

7. Princess "Nour al-Saltaneh," (b. 1878). She married her maternal cousin Mirza Abol Ghassem "Agha al-Haj" "Sehr os-Soltan," emam jom'eh of Tehran, son of Agha Seyed Zeinolabedin "Zahir al-Eslam" and Princess Zia ol-Saltaneh Qajar, daughter of Nasser-ed-Din Shah Qajar.

8. Princess Malek ol-Molouk "Shokouh al-Saltaneh," (b. 1880). She married Habibollah Khan Qajar Davalou "Keshikchi Bashi" "Movaghar al-Saltaneh"

9. Princess Shokouh ed-Dowleh, (b. 1879)

10. Princess Ashraf al-Molk,"Fakhr ed-Dowleh," (b. 1883), wife of Mohsen Khan Amin-ed-Dowleh (Amini), mother of H.E. Dr. Ali Amini.

11. Princess Noush, Aghdas al-Saltaneh, (b. 1884)

12. Princess Aghdas ed-Dowleh, (b. 1891), sister of Malek-Mansour Mirza "Shoa al-Saltaneh." She married Seyyed Javad Nezam ed-Din "Zahir al-Eslam" (Zahir), second son of Agha Seyed Zeinolabedin "Zahir al-Eslam" and Princess Zia al-Saltaneh Qajar, daughter of Nasser ed-Din Shah Qajar. (See Princess "Nour al-Saltaneh" above, wife of the first son of "Zahir al-Eslam.")

13. Princess Nezhat al-Molk (or Nezhat-al-Saltaneh), (b. 1892)

14. Princess Forough al-Molk, (b. 1902)

15. Princess Anvar ed-Dowleh (dates ?), wife of Prince Eghtedar al-Saltaneh, son of Kamran Mirza, Sarhang (Colonel) Kamrani. No issue.

Some of the daughters of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah in a rare picture (Source: Bahman Bayani.)
From left to right, back row standing: Princesses Shokouh al-Saltaneh, Anvar ed-Dowleh, Shokouh al-Dowleh
From left to right, front row seated: Princesses Ghamar al-Saltaneh, Ezzat ed-Dowleh II, Nour al-Saltaneh, (Muchul Khanom "nadimeh")
Front center seated: Princess Aghdas al-Saltaneh

* The title "Hazrat-e Olia" first belonged to this Princess and came to mean "queen" in Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah's time. The title devolved to Mohammad Ali Shah's wife Malekeh Jahan and with her changed to "Olia Hazrat." From that time on this was the official appellation of the queen of Persian rulers and the Pahlavis adopted that title for their queens as well. The title was last held by Queen Farah Pahlavi.
** Through Princesses Fakhr ed-Dowleh, Hazrat-e Olia and Najm-e Saltaneh, the families of Farman Farmaian, Amini, Diba, Mossadegh, Zahir and Matin-Daftari are close relatives. Through the other children of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah, the Malek-Mansours, Azodis, Azods, Nasseris, Mozaffaris and Mozaffari Ghajars are close relatives.

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