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Azodi-Qajar (Kadjar)


Bibliography and Sources:

-- Prince Soltan Mohammad Mirza Azodi Kadjar, interview, Paris, April-May 2000.
-- Prince Soltan Ali Mirza Kadjar, interview, Paris, April-May 2000.
-- Prince Farhad Azodi Kadjar, interview, Paris April-May 2000.


Note: The Azodi family tree is still fairly incomplete as presented here. If there are any ommissions, we would hope that family members would help us rectify them and bring this page up-to-date. Most of this information was supplied by Prince Eyn-ed-Dowleh's grand-son, Prince Soltan Mohammad Mirza Azodi. Family pictures were supplied by Prince Farhad Azodi Kadjar. The Azodi family is not to be confused with the Azod family, descendants of Abol Fazl Mirza Azod-os-Soltan, Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah's son. For the Azod family tree, please click here.


Ancestor: Fath Ali Shah Qajar

49th son of Fath Ali Shah by his favourite wife Tavoos Khanom: Soltan Ahmad Mirza (Azod-ed-Dowleh) (b. 1819- d. 1904 / 1234-1319 A.H.) ===> origin of "Azodi" name. Author of Tarikh-e Azodi, the most authoritative genealogy of Fath Ali Shah's descendants.

His children:


1.1 Soltan Abdol Madjid Mirza, Eyn-ed-Dowleh*

Soltan Abdol Majid Mirza and Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah.

1.2 Vajih-Ollah Mirza (Sepahsalar)

1.3 Soltan Mohammad Mirza (Seyf-ed-Dowleh) a.k.a. "Agha-ye Damad"

1.4 Princess Shams-ed-Dowleh, wife of Nasser-ed-din Shah Qajar


Photo of Soltan Abdol Majid Mirza and his son Soltan Abdol Hamid Mirza. Courtesy Soltan Mohammad Mirza.

1.1 Soltan Abdol Madjid Mirza Eyn-ed-Dowleh's son:

  1.1.1 Soltan Abdol Hamid Mirza (given title Shams-el-Molk by Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah.)

Soltan Abdol Hamid Mirza Azodi's children: 13 children from three wives: 5 sons and 8 daughters. Soltan Vahid Mirza Soltan Said Mirza Soltan Ahmad Mirza Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Soltan Mohammad Mirza

           Soltan Mohammad Mirza's son: Abdol Madjid Azodi. His son: Amirali Azodi



1.2 Vajih-Ollah Mirza Sepahsalar's children:

  1.2.1 Nossratollah Mirza (Amir 'Azam)

  1.2.2 Abdollah Mirza (Seyf-el-Molk)

  1.2.3 Habibollah Mirza (Sahaam-el-Molk). His son: Amir Esmail Mirza

  1.2.4 Nourollah Khan

  1.2.5 Sa'adollah Khan

  1.2.6 Anis-ed-Dowleh, wife of A'la-ed-Dowleh

  1.2.7 Anis Saltaneh

  1.2.8 Khadijeh (Badrezaman), wife of Amir Zafar Mirza Jalali-Qajar (Fereydounfar)**

  1.2.9 Fatemeh

  1.2.10 Esmatdowleh (Tadj-el-Molouk)



1.3 Soltan Mohammad Mirza Seyf-ed-Dowleh's children:

  1.3.1 Amir Moa'yed Mirza. His descendants: Amir Hossein Mirza: His children: Farhad Azodi-Kadjar and Sima Azodi-Kadjar. Amir Houshang Mirza: His children: Jahangir Azodi and Elahe Azodi Mahin Banu

  1.3.2 Mostafa Mirza. His descendants: Nossratollah Mirza Azodi Qajar. His children: Malek-Mansour Azodi Qajar (His children: Mehdi and Melika Azodi), Malek-Nasser Azodi Qajar, Nasrin Azodi Qajar, and Narges Azodi Qajar-Nazem (Her son: Amir Nazem) Nassrollah Mirza Azodi Qajar. His children? Yahya Mirza Azodi Qajar. His children? Eftekhar-ol-Molouk Azodi Qajar. Her children?

  1.3.3 Mohammad Ali Mirza married Sedigheh Pajoohandeh. Their children are: Mehran Azodi Houshang Azodi Homayoon Azodi Sepideh Azodi Mohammad Azodi Zahra Azodi


1.4 Princess Shams-ed-Dowleh's children: To be completed.

Princess Shams-ed-Dowleh, wife of Nasser-ed-Din Shah, sitting between her father Soltan Ahmad Mirza Azod-ed-Dowleh (left) and her uncle Hossein Gholi Mirza Jahansouz Amir Noyan (right), the last two living sons of Fath Ali Shah at the time this picture was taken in 1310 hejri lunar/ 1893 A.D., three years before Nasser-ed-Din Shah's assassination. Soltan Ahmad Mirza was 76 years old in this picture.



* Prince Eyn-ed-Dowleh and Prince Abdol-Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma were both Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah's sons-in-law and the two did not get along very well.

** For Amir Zafar Mirza Jalali-Qajar's genealogy please see "Jalali-Qajar" under the "Shajarehnaameh Project"



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