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Nosrat-Mozaffari (Kadjar) (1)


Note: The information below was supplied by our cousin Dr. Said Sabeti (Mozaffari-Kadjar).


Ancestor: Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah

The name Nosrat Mozaffari was the last name chosen by Mozaffar-ed Din Shah's descendants through his son Hossein Gholi Mirza, Nosrat Saltaneh (1884-1945)

Prince Nosrat Saltaneh's married Valieh Zandshahi (Azam Saltaneh) and had three children: Mehdi Gholi Mirza, Moin-ed-Din Mirza and Princess Marzieh.

Mehdi Gholi Mirza married Fatemeh Iransheness. There is no offspring from this mariage.

Moin-ed-Din Mirza married Pouran Farzmand and had three children, Moez-ed-Din (d. 2001), Nooshin and Nahid.

Marzieh Khanom married Massoud Sabeti and had three children: Said, Soraya and Sayareh.



1) The family name Mozaffari is in reference to descendance from Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah. The Mozaffari family, the Malek Mansours, the Kamranis, and a few others are among the more recent Qajar families descended from Nasser-ed-Din Shah and Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah. Offspring of the last two Qajar (Kadjar) shahs, Mohammad Ali Shah and Soltan Ahmad Shah retained the last name Kadjar.



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