Ashraf Khanoum, Fakhr-ed-Dowleh



Princess Ashraf Khanoum, Fakhr-ed-Dowleh, was one of the most prominent daughters of Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah, who in her own right, not because she was the wife of a famous prince or politician, made her mark on Iranian history. Her strength of character was legendary, to the point that she was even willing and able to confront Reza Shah for her patrimony and right. He was so impressed with her after their encounter that he is rumored to have proclaimed that the Qajars had no "man" among them such as Fakhr-ed-Dowleh. She proudly presided over her family's ascendancy to prime minister ship twice. First her husband, Amindowleh, then her son Dr. Ali Amini. In strength and presence she exemplified the best of the tradition of strong Qajar women.



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