Portraits of Qajar (Kadjar) Women


Matriarchy has always been strong in the Qajar (Kadjar) clan and in the ruling family. Yet, due to the Islamic context of the role of women in Persian culture and due to court protocol, women were almost invisible. However, the aristocratic standing of Qajar (Kadjar) women, and especially the standing and status of the queens and princesses, allowed them to break free from these narrow confines and rightfully leave their mark on the pages of Persian history. Below are exemplars and examples of the strength of Qajar (Kadjar) women and their legacy to history.



Mahd-e Olia (Mohammad Shah's Queen, Mother of Nasser ed-Din Shah and Princess Ezzat ed-Dowleh)

Princess Ezzat ed-Dowleh (Sister of Nasser ed-Din Shah, wife of Amir Kabir, Grandmother of Mohammad Ali Shah)

Malekeh-Jahan (Daughter of Kamran Mirza, Mohammad Ali Shah's Queen, Mother of Soltan Ahmad Shah)

Princess Fakhr ed-Dowleh (Daughter of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah, Wife of Amin ed-Dowleh; Mother of Dr. Ali Amini)


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