Children of Soltan Ahmad Shah Qajar (Kadjar)


Soltan Ahmad Shah Qajar (Kadjar) (b. 21/1/1898-d. 27/2/1930)

(Crown Prince 10/3/1907; Reigned with Regent from 16/7/1909 to 21/7/1914)

Crowned at Teheran 21/7/1914

(r. 16/7/1909-31/10/1925)


Soltan Ahmad Shah's wives (in order of marriage):

1. Princess Shazdeh Khanoum Badr-el-Molouk Vala, daughter of Mahmoud Mirza Vala

2. Princess Lida Khanoum Djahanbani

3. Delaram Khanoum, of Balouchi Origin

4. Princess Khanoum Khanoumha Moezzi, daughter of Prince Moezz-ed-Dowleh II

5. Fatemeh Khanoum, daughter of Hossein Minoui and Masoumeh Khanoum


Soltan Ahmad Shah's children:

His son:

1. Fereydoun Mirza (b. 1922- d. 24/9/1975), son of Fatemeh Khanoum.

His daughters:

2. Princess Maryamdokht (b. 1915 --d. 10/11/2005 Baltimore), daughter of Delaram Khanoum

3. Princess Irandokht (b. 1916 -- d. 1980 Tehran), daughter of Princess Badr-el-Molouk Vala

4. Princess Homayoundokht (b. 1917 -- ), daughter of Princess Khanoum Khanoumha Moezzi



A rare picture of the children of Soltan Ahmad Shah

(Standing, Princess Homayoundokht. On Prince Fereydoun Mirza's left Princess Maryamdokht.
On his right Princess Irandokht.)
(Courtesy Malek Iradj Panahi, grand-son of Soltan Ahmad Shah Qajar)


Soltan Ahmad Shah married five times. Princess Maryamdokht's mother, Delaram, was of Baluchi origin. Princess Irandokht's mother was a Qajar (Kadjar) princess, the daughter of Mahmoud Mirza Vala. Princess Homayoundokht's mother was also a Qajar (Kadjar) princess, Khanoum Khanoumha Moezzi, daughter of Moezz-ed-Dowleh II. Prince Fereydoun Mirza's mother was Fatemeh. In addition to these four marriages, Soltan Ahmad Shah's aghdi wife was Lida Khanoum Djahanbani. From this marriage there was no offspring. After Soltan Ahmad Shah, Lida Khanoum Djahanbani married her cousin, General Mansour Djahanbani. (See Qajars and Pahlavis on this site.)

1. Princess Maryamdokht, Soltan Ahmad Shah's oldest daughter, was born in 1915. She married Mr. Albertini, a Frenchman of Italian descent. There are two sons and two daughters from this marriage. Princess Maryamdokht lived in Baltimore, U.S.A. She passed away October 11, 2005.

2. Princess Irandokht (b. 1916-d.1980 Tehran) married Abbas Faroughi. She had three children, one daughter and two sons, Ahmad, Zinat, and Dara. Ahmad Faroughi-Kadjar, (b.1938-d.1998), was an accomplished film-maker and ardent defender of the honor of the Kadjar dynasty. He had two children. From his first marriage, Anoushka (b. 1962-d.1989), and from his marriage to Marie-Francoise Roy, Mariam (b.1977), living in Paris today. Zinat Faroughi-Kadjar (b. 1942) lives in Tehran today and has no children. Dara Faroughi-Kadjar (b. 1945) lives in Massachussets. He has two children Darius (b. 1985) and Cyrus Faroughi (b. 1988) both living in Caracas, Venezuela.

3. Princess Homayoundokht (b. 1917- ) married Mr. Jafar Panahi. They had four children: Touradj Panahi, Shahla Panahi, Malek Iradj Panahi, Shirine Panahi, all residing in Europe today. Princess Homayoundokht resides in France.

4. Fereydoun Mirza, (b. 1923-d.1977), Soltan Ahmad Shah's son from a non-Qajar wife, married a woman of Bulgarian descent and had three children: Princess Sheylah, Princess Eylah and Prince Teymour, all residing in Switzerland.



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