Picture Gallery of Qajar (Kadjar) Rulers, Heirs


Heads of the Imperial Kadjar House

(Dates refer to period of reign, except when otherwise noted)



-- The images of Fath Ali Shah and Mohammad Shah have several copyrights on them from the State Hermitage Museum as well as the Brooklyn Museum of Art. They are reproduced here for non-commercial purposes.
--* Shah Qoli Khan and Fath Ali Khan Qovanlu Qajar bore the title "shah" and were local rulers over the Qajars and related tribes in northern Iran. Mohammad Hassan Khan and Djahansouz Shah were rulers over large sections of northern Iran beyond the tribal areas, and both bore the title of "shah" also. Djahansouz Shah is the great-grandson of Shah Qoli Khan, as is his brother Agha Mohammad Khan (later Shah).
--** From Aqa Mohammad Shah through Soltan Ahmad Shah, the Qajars (Kadjars) ruled as Emperors (Shahanshah) of Persia. From 1925 onwards, they were in exile, with Mohammad Hassan Mirza declaring himself Shah in exile in 1930. Since his death in 1943, the line of succession is split into Head of the Imperial House and Heir to the Throne as indicated above.



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