Ali Mirza "Zell-e-Soltan," Ali Shah, Adel Shah, Qajar

Rebel Third Shah of the Qajar Dynasty


From wall painting at Soleymanieh Palace, Karadj

10th son of Fath Ali Shah by Assiyeh Khanom, daughter of Fath Ali Khan Davallou, Fath Ali Shah's aghdi wife, Ali Mirza, a.k.a. Ali Khan, Ali Shah, "Zell-e-Soltan," Adel Shah (b. 1210--d. 1271 A.H. in Kerbela) ===> origin of "Zelli" name.* Only full brother of Abbas Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh.

At the death of his father, Fath Ali Shah, Ali Mirza Zell-e-Soltan was governor of Tehran. He closed the gates of the citadel, declared himself rightful heir, was crowned Shahanshah and reigned in Tehran in 1834/1250 A.H. for a period of 40 days as Adel Shah Qajar. He abdicated at the arrival of Mohammad Mirza (son of Abbas Mirza) from Tabriz who was crowned Mohammad Shah Qajar. Ali Shah had coins struck in his name -- "Soltan Ali Shah" -- at the Tehran mint. In his brief reign, he distributed 700,000 toumans from the treasury to the populace of Tehran to gain their support. he died in Kerbela, in exile in 1855/1271 A.H. at the age of 62.


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