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Dowlatshahi-Qajar (Kadjar)


Note: The following Dowlatshahi Family Tree is based mostly on the Foreign Office document and supplemented, updated and completed by personal recollections of Princess Mehrangiz Dowlatshahi and Princess Mahin Dowlatshahi-Firouz, grand-daughters of Soltan Ebrahim Mirza "Meshkat-ed-Dowleh" (I), and daughters of Mohammad Ali Mirza "Meshkat-ed-Dowleh" (II). Incomplete entries on certain names are due to the dated nature of the primary source used for this family-tree, George Percy Churchill’s compilation of 1906. Hopefully upon viewing this family-tree, members of the Dowlatshahi family whose lineage has not been completed adequately will help us in the task of bringing their particular family’s names and dates up to date.


Ancestor: Fath Ali Shah Qajar


His son:

1. Mohammad Ali Mirza, Qavam ol-Khelafa, "Dowlatshah," (1789-1821), Fath Ali Shah’s eldest son (seven months older than Abbas Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh), born of a Georgian woman, Ziba-Chehr Khanoum, of non-Qajar origin, and thus on account of that, unable to claim the title "Valiahd." Governor of Kermanshah, he was a fierce rival of Abbas Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh until his untimely death from cholera in 1821. His skills and ambitions mirrored those of his younger brother. He was a great military leader and a patron of the arts, poetry and philosophy. The origin of family name "Dowlatshah" and "Dowlatshahi" is from this ancestor’s title.

Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah (Picture courtesy Princess Mahin Dowlatshahi-Firouz)

His sons: (*)

* 1.1 Mohammad Hossein Mirza, "Heshmat-ed-Dowleh," Governor of Kermanshah after the death of his father.

His descendants:
1.1.1 Akbar Mirza: his sons Shahrokh Mirza, Governor of Harsin (?) under Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah (1902); Qasem Mirza; Nazar Mirza; Taher Mirza. Descendants ?
1.1.2 Es'haq Mirza: his son: Mohammad Hassan Mirza; Descendants ?
1.1.3 Mehdi Qoli Mirza had two sons: Seifollah Mirza and Mohammad Hossein Mirza. Seifollah Mirza had three sons: Abouseif Mirza, Abounasr Mirza, and Seifeddin Mirza. Abounasr Mirza's sons are Mehdi Qoli and Mohammad Ali. Seifeddin Mirza's sons are Reza, Jalaleddin, Shamseddin, Manoutchehr and Khosrow.
1.1.4 Mohammad Hadi Mirza "Bashir ed-Dowleh": his sons Soleyman Mirza; Mohammad Hassan Mirza; Assadollah Mirza; Mohammad Sadeq Mirza had three sons: Manoutchehr Mirza, Heshmat Mirza "Heshmat-ol-Soltan," and Fereydoun Mirza. He also had a daughter Badr-e Azam who married Mirza Mehdi Khan "Motazed-ed-Dowleh II" Vaziri (brother of Behjat-ed-Dowleh Vaziri [see below under Mostafa Qoli Mirza's descendants]). Habibollah Mirza; Hossein Mirza; Mostafa Qoli Mirza, (a.k.a. Heshmatzad Dowlatshahi as he was a descendant of Mohammad Hossein Mirza "Heshmat-ed-Dowleh") He married Behjat-ed-Dowleh Vaziri and they had three sons: Kamran, Arsalan and Abbas. Abbas Dowlatshahi married a woman of Italian origin and has one son. (Note: The information on the descendants of Mohammad Sadeq Mirza and Mostafa Qoli Mirza Dowlatshahi was provided by Kaveh Vaziri, grand-nephew of Behjat-ed-Dowleh Vaziri)

* 1.2 Tahmasp Mirza, "Moayyed-ed-Dowleh," Governor of Kermanshah after his two brothers Heshmat-ed-Dowleh and Emad-ed-Dowleh in turn. Last Dowlatshahi governor of Kermanshah (1875-1877): His children --1.2.1 Abd-ol-Baqi Mirza; 1.2.2 Abol Qasem Khan; 1.2.3 Lotf Ali Mirza, and 1.2.4 Jalal-ed-Din Mirza, "Mohtashem-ed-Dowleh," Governor of Nahavand. His descendant are the Jalali-Qajar family. For the Jalali family page, click here.

* 1.3 Nasrollah Mirza "Vaali." Descendants ?

* 1.4 Assadollah Mirza. Descendants ?

* 1.5 Fathollah Mirza: His son --1.5.1 Saheb Qaran Mirza: Descendants?

* 1.6 Emam Qoli Mirza, "Emad-ed-Dowleh I," Governor of Kermanshah. (1814-1875).


Emad-ed Dowleh I                                                          Emad-ed-Dowleh I (Portrait by Abu'l Hassan Ghaffari)
(Picture courtesy Princess Mehrangiz Dowlatshahi).             (From: Layla Diba, et al., Royal Persian Paintings)

Emam Qoli Mirza "Emad-ed-Dowleh I" had 11 sons as follows:

  --1.6.1 Ali Qoli Mirza, "Sarem-od-Dowleh: His sons Hossein Qoli Mirza, "Umdat-us-Saltaneh," married his cousin, daughter of Badi’-el-Molk Mirza, "Emad-ed-Dowleh II" (see 1.6.2 below): his sons Kamran Mirza, "Sarem-Homayoun" (d. 1904); Lotfollah Mirza; Soltan Hossein Mirza. Hassan Ali Mirza: His son Asadollah Mirza. Descendants beyond these?

  --1.6.2 Mohammad Hossein Mirza "Badi-el-Molk", "Heshmat-Saltaneh," entitled "Emad-od-Dowleh" (II) after his father’s death; twice governor of Kermanshah, once of Yazd, Kerman, and Qazvin: his son Manouchehr Mirza. Descendants ?

  --1.6.3 Aqa Jan Morteza Mirza, "Mansour-os-Saltaneh": His sons Reza Qoli Mirza, "Mansour-Saltaneh;" Arsalan Mirza, "Mozaffar-os-Saltaneh;" Bahman Mirza, "Afkham-os-Saltaneh;" Anushiravan Mirza; Mohammad Amin Mirza; Mohammad Mahdi Mirza. Descendants ?

  --1.6.4 Jalal-ed-Din Mirza, Descendants?

  --1.6.5 Amir Majd-od-Din Mirza, married his cousin, daughter of Saheb-Qeran Mirza, son of Fathollah Mirza: His sons Abdol Majid Mirza; Abdol Hamid Mirza; Gholam Hassan Mirza; Gholam Hossein Mirza. Descendants?

  --1.6.6. Soltan Ebrahim Mirza, "Meshkat-ed-Dowleh I," married a daughter of Pasha Khan, "Amin-ol-Molk," sister of the wife of Ali Khan "Amin-ed-Dowleh I," making Meshkat-ed-Dowleh and Amin-ed-Dowleh brothers-in-law. This is how the Amini and Dowlatshahi families are related. Ali Khan Amin-ed-Dowleh was Dr. Amini’s grand-father. (For pictures and family tree of the Amini family, click here.)

  Soltan Ebrahim Mirza’s descendants: Gholam Ali Mirza "Mojalal-ed-Dowleh," married his cousin Mobtahedj-od-Dowleh (daughter of Ebtehadj Saltaneh and Abou Nasr Mirza "Hessam Saltaneh II" son of "Hessam-Saltaneh I" Conqueror of Herat. Ebtehadj Saltaneh was the daughter of Emam Qoli Mirza "Emad-ed-Dowleh I." For Emad-ed-Dowleh, see above 1.6.)

Gholam Ali Mirza Mojalal-ed-Dowleh had three daughters and two sons: Ghamar-el-Molouk "Ashraf Saltaneh II"; Ghamar-el-Molouk married Posha Mobasher. They had one son Gholamreza Mobasher. His daughter is Mehrnaz Mobasher, Ezzat-el-Molouk; Esmat-el-Molouk, future Queen Esmat, 4th wife of Reza Shah Pahlavi, and mother of Abdol Reza, Ahmad Reza, Mahmoud Reza, Fatemeh and Hamid Reza Pahlavi; Ahmad Mirza, and Abbas Mirza.

(For pictures of Mojalal-ed-Dowleh, Hessam Saltaneh III, son of Abou Nasr Mirza and uncle of Queen Esmat; "Ashraf Saltaneh I," aunt of Mobtahedj-od-Dowleh; Queen Esmat, and other members of the family please click here. For further elaboration on the relationship between the Pahlavis and the Qajars (Kadjars), please click here.) Hassan Ali Mirza "Mo’in-ol-Khalvat." Descendants ? Mohammad Ali Mirza, "Meshkat-od-Dowleh II," married Akhtar-el-Molouk Hedayat, sister of Sadegh Hedayat. It is because of this marriage that the Hedayat and Dowlatshahi families are related. (For pictures of Sadegh Hedayat and his parents, click here.)

    His children: Bahman Mirza; Princess Mehranguiz; Princess Mahin (Dowlatshahi-Firouz). (Princess Mahin Dowlatshahi, married Prince Mozaffar Firouz, son of Nosrat-ed-Dowleh Firouz, son of Abdol-Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma. Because of this marriage the Dowlatshahis are related to the Farmanfarmaian and to the Azod family as well, as Prince Abou Nasr Azod’s mother was also the mother of Prince Firouz, making Prince Abou Nasr and Prince Firouz half-brothers.) (For pictures of Meshkat-od-Dowleh II, click here.) Abolfath Mirza; (his mother was a daughter of Zahir-ol-Molk Zangeneh.

     His children: Mirza; Hossein Mirza; Minou; Nayer. (For a picture of the wedding ceremony of Princess Minou Dowlatshahi to Hamid Reza Pahlavi, with Abolfath Mirza, his son Abolfazl Mirza, and Queen Esmat, Hamid Reza Pahlavi’s mother, please click here.) His son Abolfazl Mirza’s children: Mohammad Ali Mirza (Prince Ali Dowlatshahi); Prince Reza; Mohsen Mirza; Abdol Hossein Mirza and Noush Afarin.

  --1.6.7 Soltan Esmail Mirza "Mohtashem-os-Soltan," married his father’s cousin, the daughter of Tahmasp Mirza, "Moayyed-ed-Dowleh." (See above 1.2) His son: Mohammad Nabi Mirza. Descendants?

  --1.6.8 Malek Qasem Mirza, "Emad-os-Soltan" His sons: Malek Mansour Mirza; Abol Hassan Mirza. Descendants?

  --1.6.9 Es’haq Mirza, "Akram-al-Dowleh." Descendants?

  --1.6.10 Malek Iradj Mirza "Amir Mohtaram."
His children: Abdol Hossein Mirza "Arshad-os-Saltaneh; " Abdol Ali Mirza; Abdol Javad Mirza. Ezzat-el-Molouk. Descendants?


NOTE: The information below on descendants of Abdol Hossein Mirza Dowlatshahi was supplied by Shayan Arya, himself related to the Dowlatshahi on his paternal grand-mother's side. For his own relation to the Dowlatshahi's see below under: 1.10 Mohammad Reza Mirza.

1.6.10 Malek Iradj Mirza "Amir Mohtaram." His son: Abdol Hossein Mirza "Arshad-os-Saltaneh" (married to my father's aunt Ms. Noor-ol-Samaa Daftarie [his last wife]) Iradj Arshad Amiri Dowlatshahi (was once married to my mother Parvin Arya [Akbari-Jaleelvand]) Afagh Dowlatshahi (married to Aman-ollah Mirza Dowlatshahi) Golee Dowlatshahi (married to Dr. Reza Gholibayghee) Kouros Dowlatshahi Kavous Dowlatshahi Daryoush Dowlatshahi Victoria Dowlatshahi (executed by the Islamic Republic in Kermanshah) Khosrow Dowlatshahi Manouchehr Dowlatshahi Abdol Javad Mirza Dowlatshahi Houshang Dowlatshahi Farzaad Dowlatshahi Fareeborz Dowlatshahi Farangees Dowlatshahi Rouhangeez Dowlatshahi Mehree Dowlatshahi (married to Houshang Mirza Dowlatshahi) Shamsee Dowlatshahi Naheedeh Dowlatshahi (married to my uncle Gholam Hussein Arya ) Royaa Arya Afsaneh Arya Shereen Arya Fareedeh Dowlatshahi Arezou Dowlatshahi Fereydoun Dowlatshahi Fath-ollah Dowlatshahi Ezzat-el-Molouk Dowlatshahi (was married to another Dowlatshahi. I have forgotten his exact name but in family circles he was known as Shazdeh Amiri) Shahpour Dowlatshahi Ardesheer Dowlatshahi Amir Reza Dowlatshahi Sheereen Dowlatshahi Homa Dowlatshahi (was married to the late Sayeed Muhammad Ojagh who was the son of the late princess Nayer-Azam, sister of Prince Azod and therefore great-grand-son of Mozaffar-ed-Din shah. Prince Azod was Sayeed Muhammad Ojagh's uncle.) Nazee Ojagh Ismaeel Ojagh Nyloofar Ojagh 


Note: -- Naheedeh and Fareedeh are from the same mother who was also a Dowlatshahi. Their grandfather on their mother's side was Sarem-ol-Saltaneh.  -- Abdol-Javad Mirza's ( last wife was also a Dowlatshahi. Her name was Moneer-ol-Saltaneh. She had three sisters 1. Nayer-ol-Saltaneh Dowlatshahi 2. Moneer-ol-Saltaneh Dowlatshahi 3. Molook-ol-Saltaneh Dowlatshahi. 

*1.7 Nour-ol-Dahr Mirza. Descendants?

*1.8 Jahangir Mirza. Descendants?

*1.9 Mohammad Rahim Mirza. His children:

  --1.9.1 Mohsen Mirza. Descendants?

  --1.9.2 Mohammad Baqer Mirza: His children: Mohammad Sadeq Mirza; Nosratollah Mirza; Nur-od-Dahr Mirza. Descendants?

  --1.9.3 Alinaghi Mirza: His son: Keykhosro Mirza: His son: Ala'-ed-Din (Aladdin) Mirza: His son: Arash Dowlatshahi

*1.10 Mohammad Reza Mirza

NOTE: The information below was supplied by Shayan Arya, himself related to the Dowlatshahi on his paternal grand-mother's side, and is reproduced here as supplied by him. The name Mohammad Reza Mirza as one of the sons of Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah does not appear on Churchill's list. It also does not appear in the authoritative Taarikh-e Azodi, where the tenth son of Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah is listed as Abol Hossein Mirza.

His son: --1.10.1 Hamzeh Mirza: His son: -- Firouz Mirza Dowlatshahi; His children: -- Malek Hossein Mirza Dowlatshahi (married to my father's aunt Azam Dowlatshahi) -- Malek Taj Dowlatshahi (Arya) (my grand-mother who was married to Mirza Mahmood Khan Arya, my grand father): Her children:  -- Gholam Hossein Arya (married to Naheedeh Dowlatshahi daughter of Abdoljavad Mirza Dowlatshahi): His children: Roya Arya Afsaneh Arya Shereen Arya. -- Gholam Reza Arya. His children: Sheedeh Arya -- Gholam Ali Arya (my father). His children: -- Shahrzaad Arya. Her children: Ali Meshkaat Moghadass Amir Reza Doukchie -- Shayan Arya: His son: Shahdaad Arya  -- Daryoush Arya: His daughter: Shadee Arya -- Seyavosh Arya  -- Fakhr-ol-Molouk Dowlatshahi -- Qamar-ol-Molouk Dowlatshahi -- Ashraf-ol-Molouk Dowlatshahi -- Malek Mohammad Mirza Dowlatshahi -- Malek Hadie Mirza Dowlatshahi -- Malek Mehdie Dowlatshahi -- Mahrokh Dowlatshahi. Her children: Farzaad Zangeneh Farzeen Zangeneh Farzaneeh Zangeneh

*1.11 Abol Hossein Mirza (According to Taarikh-e Azodi, 10th son of Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah. For source of discrepancy see above 1.10 Mohammad Reza Mirza). Descendants?



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