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Jalali-Qajar (Kadjar)


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Note: This Jajali family is related to the Dowlatshahi family through Tahmasp Mirza, Moayyed-ed-Dowleh, son of Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah. There are in fact other Jalali-Qajars who are not related to this branch and we are still researching that family's roots.


Ancestor: Fath Ali Shah Qajar;


His son:

1. Mohammad Ali Mirza, Qavam ol-Khelafa, "Dowlatshah," (1789-1821), Fath Ali Shah’s eldest son (seven months older than Abbas Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh), born of a Georgian woman, Ziba-Chehr Khanoum, of non-Qajar origin, and thus on account of that, unable to claim the title "Valiahd." Governor of Kermanshah, he was a fierce rival of Abbas Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh until his untimely death from cholera in 1821. His skills and ambitions mirrored those of his younger brother. He was a great military leader and a patron of the arts, poetry and philosophy. The origin of family (patronimic) name "Dowlatshah" and "Dowlatshahi" is from this ancestor’s title. See Dowlatshahi family page for complete family tree of Dowlatshahis.

Mohammad Ali Mirza Dowlatshah (Picture courtesy Princess Mahin Dowlatshahi-Firouz)


His sons: (*)

* 1.1 Mohammad Hossein Mirza, "Heshmat-ed-Dowleh," Governor of Kermanshah after the death of his father. For his descendants, see Dowlatshahi family page.
* 1.2 Tahmasp Mirza, "Moayyed-ed-Dowleh," Governor of Kermanshah after his two brothers Heshmat-ed-Dowleh and Emad-ed-Dowleh in turn. Last Dowlatshahi governor of Kermanshah (1875-1877). (Ancestor of Jalali Family.)
His children --1.2.1 Abd-ol-Baqi Mirza; 1.2.2 Abol-Qasem Khan; 1.2.3 Lotf Ali Mirza and 1.2.4 Jalal-ed-Din Mirza, "Mohtashem-ed-Dowleh," Governor of Nahavand. Origin of the family (patronimic) name "Jalali;"

Jalal-ed-Din Mirza's sons: Jamal-ed-Din Mirza. His sons: Abolfath Mirza Abdollah Mirza Mohammadali Mirza Gholam Reza Mirza Nassereddin Mirza; His daughters: Roghieh Khanoum Sakineh Khanoum Robabeh Khanoum Mahinbanou Khanoum Akhtar Khanoum.

Children of Abolfath Mirza: 1.Jamaleddin Mirza(2); 2 Fereydoun Mirza; 3 Farhad Mirza; 4 Farrokh Mirza; 5 Mohammad Mirza; 6 Yousef Mirza; 7 Farahbanou Khanoum.

Children of 1. Jamaleddin Mirza (2): Ali Mirza Jalali (Ali Jalali)

Children of 2. Fereydoun Mirza: Leyla Khanoum

Children of 3. Farhad Mirza: 1. Farideh Khanoum; 2. Jada Khanoum; 3. Francesca Khanoum

Children of 4. Farrokh Mirza: 1. Maryam Khanoum; 2. Sara Khanoum

Children of 5. Mohammad Mirza: 1. Anahid Khanoum; 2. Ardeshir Mirza (2); 3. Mahsa Khanoum

Children of 6. Yousef Mirza: 1. Amir Mirza

Children of 7. Farahbanou Khanoum: 1. Shiva Khanoum; 2. Shifteh Khanoum

Children of Abdollah Mirza: 1. Kamran Mirza; 2. Kambiz Mirza; 3. Mina Khanoum; 4. Nastaran Khanoum; 5. Maryam Shirin Khanoum.

Children of 1. Kamran Mirza: ?

Children of 2. Kambiz Mirza: ?

Children of 3. Mina Khanoum: ?

Children of 4. Nastaran Khanoum: ?

Children of 5. Maryam Shirin Khanoum: ?

Children of Mohammad Ali Mirza: ?

Children of Gholamreza Mirza: 1. Davood Mirza

Children of 1. Davood Mirza: ?

Children of Nassereddin Mirza: 1. Shahryar Mirza; 2. Peyman Mirza

Children of 1. Shahryar Mirza: ?

Children of 2. Peyman Mirza: ?

Children of Roghieh Khanoum: ?

Children of Sakineh Khanoum: ?

Children of Robabeh Khanoum: ?

Children of Mahinbanou Khanoum: ?

Children of Akhtar Khanoum: ? Ebrahim Mirza. His sons: Esmail Mirza; Ahmad Mirza; Mehdi Mirza; Abolhassan Mirza.

Children of Esmail Mirza: 1. Jalal-ed-Din Mirza (2); 2. Jhila Khanoum.

Children of 1. Jalal-ed-Din Mirza (2): ?

Children of 2. Jhila Khanoum: ?

Children of Ahmad Mirza: 1. Ardeshir Mirza; 2. Afsaneh Khanoum

Children of 1. Ardeshir Mirza: ?

Children of 2. Afsaneh Khanoum: ?

Children of Mehdi Mirza: 1. Elahe Khanoum; 2. Firouzeh Khanoum

Children of 1. Elahe Khanoum: ?

Children of 2. Firouzeh Khanoum: ?

Children of Abolhassan Mirza: 1. Manouchehr Mirza; 2. Masoud Mirza; 3. Mehri Khanoum; 4. Parvaneh Khanoum

Children of 1. Manouchehr Mirza: ?

Children of 2. Masoud Mirza: ?

Children of 3. Mehri Khanoum: ?

Children of 4. Parvaneh Khanoum: ? Yahya Mirza. His daughter: Valizadeh Khanoum, wife of her cousin Abolhassan Mirza (son of Ebrahim Mirza). See children of Abolhassan Mirza above.
* 1.3 Nasrollah Mirza "Vaali." Descendants ?

* 1.4 Assadollah Mirza. Descendants ?

* 1.5 Fathollah Mirza: His son --1.5.1 Saheb Qaran Mirza: Descendants?

* 1.6 Emam Qoli Mirza, "Emad-ed-Dowleh I," Governor of Kermanshah. (1814-1875). (See Dowlatshahi family page)

*1.7 Nour-od-Dahr Mirza. Descendants?

*1.8 Jahangir Mirza. Descendants?

*1.9 Mohammad Rahim Mirza. His descendants see Dowlatshahi family page.

*1.10 Mohammad Reza Mirza. His descendants see Dowlatshahi family page.

*1.11 Abol Hossein Mirza. Descendants ?


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