Dowlatshahi Family Pictures

Princess Ashraf Saltaneh, daughter of Emad-ed-Dowleh and wife of Mohammad Hassan Khan E'temad Saltaneh, biographer of Nasser-ed-Din Shah and author of Rooznaameh-ye Khaateraat-e E'temaad Saltaneh. She was a well educated woman with whom Nasser-ed-Din shah corresponded at length on philosophical and political matters.


Princess Behjat Dowleh, daughter of Emad-ed-Dowleh, sister of Ashraf Saltaneh and Ebtehadj Saltaneh, wife of Mobasher-ed-Dowleh.


Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza Meshkat-Dowleh Dowlatshahi


Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza Meshkat-Dowleh Dowlatshahi as Minister of Court under Reza Shah.


Prince Gholam Ali Mirza "Mojalal Dowleh" Dowlatshahi, father of Queen Esmat (on the left); Prince Jahangir Mirza "Hessam Saltaneh III," brother of Mobtahedj-od-Dowleh (Mobtahedj-od-Dowleh (daughter of Ebtehadj Saltaneh (daughter of Emad-od-Dowleh) and Abou Nasr Mirza "Hessam Saltaneh II" son of "Hessam-Saltaneh I" Conqueror of Herat.) Prince Jahangir Mirza was also the uncle of Queen Esmat.


Prince Abol Fath' Mirza Dowlatshahi (standing on the right foreground), and his brother Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza Meshakt Dowleh (on the left). Prince Meshkat Dowleh is the father of Princesses Mehranguiz and Mahin Dowlatshahi.



Wedding picture of Princess Minou Dowlatshahi, daughter of Prince Abol Fath' Mirza Dowlatshahi, to Prince Hamid Reza Pahlavi, son of Reza Shah Pahlavi and Queen Esmat (formerly Princess Esmat el-Molouk, daughter of Prince Gholam Ali Mirza "Mojalal-ed-Dowleh".) Front row: The Bride, the Groom, Queen Esmat, Princess Fatemeh Pahlavi (sitting on arm rest to the left of Queen Esmat.) Standing: Prince Abol Fazl Mirza, brother of the bride; and Prince Abol Fath' Mirza Dowlatshahi, father of the bride. Prince Abol Fath' Mirza is also Queen Esmat's paternal uncle.


Note: All pictures on this page courtesy Princess Mehrangiz Dowlatshahi.