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Mozaffari-Qajar (1)


Note: The information below was supplied by our cousin Reza Amiri (Mozaffari)


Ancestor: Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah

The name Mozaffari was the last name chosen by Mozaffar-ed Din Shah's daughter Princess Ezzat-Dowleh who was Prince Abdol Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma's first wife and the mother of Firouz Mirza Nosrat-Dowleh, Abbas Mirza Salar-Lashkar, Mohamad Vali Mirza, (General) Mohammad Hassan Mirza and Jafar Mirza. Her brother was Mohammad Ali Shah, Soltan Ahmad Shah's father. The family selected the name Mozaffari at the beginning of Pahlavi rule. The variations of the name are Mozafari, Ghajar Mozafari, Nosrat Mozafari, and Mozafari Ghajar.

Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah had five sons and fifteen daughters. His sons are as follows:

1. Mohammad Ali Mirza, "E'tezad-es-Saltaneh," later Mohammad Ali Shah, (b. 1872--d.1925; r. 1907-09), Imperial Line as well as ancestor of E'tezad Mozaffar family.

2. Malek Mansour Mirza, "Sho'a al-Saltaneh," (b. 1880 -- d. 1920), ancestor of Malek Mansour family.

3. Abol Fath Mirza, "Salar-ed-Dowleh," (b. 1881 -- d. 1961), ancestor of Ghajar Mozaffari family.

4. Abol Fazl Mirza, "Azod-os-Soltan," (b. 1882 -- d. 1922), ancestor of Azod family.

5. Hossein Qoli Mirza, "Nosrat-al-Saltaneh,"(b. 1884 -- d. 1945), ancestor of Nosrat Mozaffari family.

6. Nasser-ed-Din Mirza, (b. 1896 -- d. ?), ancestor of Nasseri family.


Reza Amiri's genealogy:

My maternal grandmother is Taj ol-Moluk Farmanfarmaian, daughter of Abbas Mirza Salar-Lashkar, the second son of Abdol Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma. Her grandmother is Princess Ezzat Dowleh, the older sister of Mohammad Ali Shah. She and Mohammad Ali Shah were close as far as brother and sister relationships went back then, as they were the only children of their mother, Mirza Taqi Khan Amir-Kabir's daughter Taj ol-Moluk. (My grandmother, who currently lives in Paris, is named after her). Through the same connection, my great-grandfather (Abbas Mirza Salar-Lashkar) and Princess Marzieh Sabeti, along with Ahmad Shah, were all first cousins. On my father's side, I am descended from Mozaffar ed-din Shah's daughter, Nour al-Saltaneh, who was the younger sister of Princess Ezzat Dowleh.



1) The family name Mozaffari is in reference to descendance from Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah. The Mozaffari family, the Malek Mansours, the Kamranis, and a few others are among the more recent Qajar families descended from Nasser-ed-Din Shah and Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah. Offspring of the last two Qajar (Kadjar) shahs, Mohammad Ali Shah and Soltan Ahmad Shah retained the last name Kadjar.



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