Children of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar (Kadjar)



Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar (Kadjar) (b. 1872--d. 1925) (r. 1907-1909)

Mohammad Ali Shah's wives (in order of marriage):

1. Robabeh Khanoum "Malih-os-Saltaneh"

2. Princess Zahra Qajar "Malekeh Jahan" "Olia Hazrat", daughter of Kamran Mirza Nayeb-os-Saltaneh

His sons: (in order of seniority)

1. Hossein Ali Mirza E'tezad Saltaneh (born 1896-d. 1953), son of Robabeh Khanoum. Ancestor of E'tezad Mozaffar family.

2. Gholam Hossein Mirza (son of Malekeh Jahan) died in infancy.

3. Soltan Ahmad Mirza, later Soltan Ahmad Shah (b. 1897--d. 1930; r. 1909-1925)

4. Mohammad Hassan Mirza (b. 1898--d. 1943)

5. Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, (b. 15/10/1905-d.1988)

6. Soltan Majid Mirza, (b. 7/1/1907-d. 1986)

His daughters:

1. Princess Khadijeh Khanom, "Hazrat-e Ghodsieh," (b. 1900- d. 1959), wife of Prince Fathollah Mirza Sho'a Saltaneh II.

2. Princess Assieh Khanom (b. 1908-d. 1953 or 54)


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Note: There is a question on the existence of Mohammad Mehdi Mirza (b. 9/1908-d.?), reputed to be the youngest son of Mohammad Ali Shah. We are still researching the matter and will post the results here and on the above page on the descendants of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar.

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