Yahya Mirza Eskandari

Prince Yahya Mirza Eskandari, son of Prince Mohsen Mirza Eskandari, Kafil-ed-Dowleh. Father of Iradj Mirza Eskandari, founder of the Tudeh Party. Elder brother of Soleyman Mirza Eskandari; husband of Princess Shahzadeh-Molouk, his paternal cousin. Yahya Mirza was a member of "Adamyat Society," founded by his uncle Mohammad Ali Mirza Eskandari (Prince Ali Khan). Yahya Mirza was an ardent leader of the constitutionalist movement, poet, playright and statesman. Imprisoned during the tumultuous events following the ascendance of his cousin Mohammad Ali Shah to the throne, he died as a result of the torture inflicted on him in Mohammad Ali Shah's jail. He was both the inspiration for Soleyman Mirza's activism and for that of his own son, Iradj Mirza.

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