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Rokni-Qajar (Kadjar)


Ancestor: Mohammad Shah Qajar


His son: 1. Mohammad Taghi Mirza, "Rokn-ed-Dowleh," is the ancestor of the Rokni family. Born at Tehran, 1840, son of a Turkmen lady. He was Governor of Zanjan 1876-1878, Governor-General of Khorasan 1884 and 1887-1888, of Fars 1894-1897 and of Arabistan 1897-1901. He died 1901, having had eight sons and six daughters:


1.1 Ali Naqi Mirza, Rokn ed-Dowleh. Styled 'Ain ul-Mulk before 1901. He died at Mashhad, 1917 having had a son: 1.1.1 Mohammad Ali Mirza, Rokn ed-Dowleh (cre. 1917) (Muhammad Ali Rokni). Mohammad Ali Mirza was born 1887, and educated privately. Styled Heshmat os-Saltaneh before 1917. He was Governor of Kerman 1908, of Qom 1917-1918 and 1922-?, and of Qazvin 1918, and Hamadan 1935-1936. Chamberlain at the Royal Court. He married Ehteram os-Saltaneh, daughter of Morteza Qoli Khan, Sani' od-Dowleh, by his wife, Shahzadeh Khanoum Ehteram os-Saltaneh, the second daughter of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah. He had three sons and two daughters, including: (1) Abdollah Mirza (Abdollah Rokni) born 1906. (2) Major-General Manouchehr Mirza Rokni, born at Sanandaj, 1908, educated at Military Academy and War College, Teheran. He was, among other things, Deputy Commander of Military Tribunals 1958-1961.

1.2 Nasrollah Mirza, Refa'at od-Dowleh. He had one son: 1.2.1 Amanollah Mirza born 1905. Descendants?

1.3 Assadollah Mirza, Rokn-e-Azam, born 1873. Styled Jalal os-Saltaneh before 1921. Guardian to his nephew the Nosrat ol-Molk 1905 and 1908, Governor of Turshiz 1906, of Daragaz 1907-1908, of Turbat-e-Shaikh 1918-1919, of Turbat-e-Haidari 1919-1921 and 1922-1924, and of Sabzevar 1921-1922. He had four sons: i) Iraj Mirza. b. 1897, Assist. Attachˇ at the British Consulate 1918. ii) Mansour Mirza. b. 1904. iii) Hossein Ali Mirza. b. 1905. iv) Mahmoud Mirza. b. 1906. Descendants?

1.4 Mahmoud Mirza, Azad ed-Dowleh. Previously styled 'Ain ol-Molk 1903-19? and Momtaz ed-Dowleh before 1903. Governor of Tabas 1906-1907, of Daragaz 1907, of Sabzevar 1909, Governor-General of Arabistan 1916, and Governor of Torbat-e-Heidarieh 1924. Descendants?

1.5 Reza Qoli Mirza, Adel-ed-Dowleh. b. 1874, Governor of Turshiz 1907, of Torbat-e-Heidarieh 1908, 1917-1918 and 1919, of Sabzevar 1918-1919, of Neishapour 1920-1921, and of Ghuchan/Khorasan in 1922. Reza Qoli Mirza married Asieh Khanoum "Turan Dokht," titled Vajieh-ed-Dowleh, Ghaffari in (1317/ca 1897). (Asieh Khanoum was the daughter of Mohammad Ali Khan Mossadeq-ed-Dowleh Ghaffari and Shayesteh Khanoum or Sharafat-ed-Dowleh Qajar. Shayesteh Khanom or Sharafat-ed-Dowleh Qajar was the daughter of Jalal-ed-din Mirza Qajar and Alieh Khanoum Gorji (princess). Alieh Khanoum Gorji was the daughter of governor of Georgia. Jalal-ed-din Mirza Qajar was one of the sons of Fath Ali Shah Qajar.)

The children of Reza Gholi Mirza and Asieh Khanoum were as follows:

Daughters: Sham Aqdas, Ghamar-el-Molouk, Ebtehaj-el-Molouk, Sharafat-el-Molouk, Maryam, Forouzandeh, Farangiss, Fakhr-e-Touran ("Fakhour"), and Forouq Rokni Qajar.

Sons: Mohammad Taqi Mirza "Shazdeh Bozorg," Mohammad Mirza, Ahmad Mirza, Majid Mirza and Lotfi Mirza.

* For more details on Reza Qoli Mirza's descendants see note below.

1.6 Mohammad Reza Mirza, Mazhar ed-Dowleh. Descendants?

1.7 Soltan Hossein Mirza, Azam ed-Dowleh. Financial Agent at Nihavad 1925-1927, Dir. Alimentation Admin. 1928, Deputy Governor of Khuzistan. He had two sons: i) ... Mirza, Sardar-e-ijlal (?). Previously styled Sarem os-Soltan and Salar-e-Ashraf. ii) Mohsen Mirza. b. 1917. Descendants?

1.8 Abdol Hossein Mirza, Azad (?) os-Soltan. He married a daughter of Field Marshal Shahzadeh Kamran Mirza, Amir-e-Kabir. He had one son: i) Abbas Mirza, born 1902.


1.1 Princess Aziz os-Saltaneh. She married as his fifth wife, Major-General Haji Mehdi Qoli Khan-e Qajar Qoyunlu, Majd ed-Dowleh, (b. 1850; d. 1937), maternal uncle of Nasser-ed-Din Shah, Ilkhani of the Royal clan from 1903, fourth son of Mirza Isa Khan Vali Qajar Quyunlu, Ehtesham ed-Dowleh. (See Amirsoleymani family.)

1.2 Shahzadeh ... Khanoum (sister of Rokn-e-Azam). Married (firstly) General Mir 'Ali Mardan Khan, Nuzrat ol-Molk (1867) (d. 1903), Ilkhani of the Tirmuri(?) tribe and Deputy Governor of Khorasan, C-in-C Khorasan, Governor of Jam, Bakharz, Khaf and Zurabad. Married (secondly) 1905, Major-General Mir Assadollah Khan, Shaukat ol-Molk (b. 1858), son of Mir Attao'llah Khan, who succeeded her first husband as Ilkhani of the Tirmuri tribe. Descendants?

1.3 Shahzadeh ... Khanoum. Married Mirza Mohammad Hossein Khan, Chief of the Artillery stables, "Mir Akhor"(?). Descendants?

1.4 Shahzadeh ... Khanoum.

1.5 Shahzadeh ... Khanoum.

1.6 Shahzadeh ... Khanoum.




We are most grateful for the above information on Reza Gholi Mirza and his descendants given to us by our cousin Dr. Mohammad Reza Fardoom, son of Princess Maryam, daughter of Reza Gholi Mirza Rokni Qajar (see above). Dr. Fardoom also writes:

Alieh Khanom Gorji, the daughter of governor of Georgia, was from Gorjestan (Georgia) and the daughter of the Vali of Gorjestan. She was the wife of the uncle of Nasser ed din Shah and she trained and educated all the females of the haram as they were rather illiterate. Also her husband was discredited by enemies and took refuge in a shrine and died there. Alieh Khanom Gorji was destitute with two daughters and wrote to Nasser ed din Shah about it and he took them into his court and that is where Shaiesteh Khanoum (Sharafat-ed-doleh Qajar) was brought up. She was married first to a man in Kashan, and had one daughter very famous in Khorassan called Parvin Saltaneh who was married to one of the brothers of Mossadegh. Alieh Khanom Gorji must have been the daughter of King Irakli II son of King Telmuraz II (or Tlimuraz II) of Georgia. Irakli II reigned 1767-1798 and reunited kingdoms of Kartli and kingdoms of Kahetie, parts of Georgia. Qajar invaded Tebilisi in 1795.(ref:, )

Mohammad Ali Khan Mossadeq-ed-Dowleh Ghaffari (husband of Shaiesteh Khanom or Sharafat-ed-Dowleh Qajar) at the time of Mozaffar-ed-Din shah was minister for "Ghana khooneh va Bana khooneh". He was in the court of Mozaffar-ed-Din shah first in Tabriz then in Tehran. His brothers were all ministers: e.g., Sharif-ed-Dowleh, Mohandes-el-Mamalek, etc. ... (I am told there is a book on the family of Qaffari or Ghafari but I do not have the reference for it.)

Shayesteh Khanom (Sharafat-ed-Dowleh Qajar) established the Sherafat school for girls in Tehran about 1325 hejri qamari (circa. 1905), which was the first school for girls in Iran. She did this specifically for her grand daughters, i.e., the elder sisters of my mother, namely: Shams Aghdas, Ghamar-el-Molouk and Ebtehaj-el-Molouk. Their house was in Mahaleh Araba near Cheragh Bargh Street in Tehran. This district was demolished by Reza Shah Pahlavi and made into a Park (today's Park-e-shahr).

Maryam Rokni Qajar was born in Mashhad 1910 ( last day of Zie-haj-jeh 1330 hejri qamari). She died in Tehran in 1993. Sharafat-el-Moluk was born in 1909. Shams Aghdass was older than all my uncles: Shahzdeh Bozorg, Mohammad Mirza, Ahmad Mirza and Majid Mirza and one uncle, Lotfi Mirza, died young. Lotfi Mirza's title was Saif-ed-Din. He studied in a military school and was an officer. He committed suicide when he was young. The brothers were all educated in Europe. Shahzdeh Bozorg was an MD in the Navy. Mohammad Mirza studied Mathematics at Ecole Normale, Superieure de Paris. Ahmad Mirza graduated as a Chemical Engineer from UK and he was with the NIOC. Majid Mirza,went to military school in Iran and he was a class mate of the Shah (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi). Shazdeh Bozorg's wife came from the Nayernouri family. Shams Aghdass (Shams Aqdas) was married to the Khan of the Turkeman, Sardar Moazzez, who was executed with his six brothers by Reza Shah. Ghamar-el-Molouk married Mr Ganji (head of the Ganji family). Ebtehaj-el-Molouk married another Khan. Sherafat-el-Molouk married the elder brother of the Eghbal. Ghamar-el-Molouk married Mohammad Amin Khan Ganji titled Shaji-el-Molk. Forough married twice. Her second husband was Mehmandoost. Fakhretouran (or aunt Fakhour) married Arteshbod Hejazi. Forouzandeh married her cousin Mohammad Mirza. Maryam (my mother) first married Majid Mahdavi and after his death married again Mohammad Ali Fardoom (formerly Akbarzadeh Ahghar, a lawyer with the Finance ministry). Farangiss married twice. Her first husband was Mr. Kaypour. Her second husband was Akhzarpour (a diplomat in the foreign ministry who served in Moscow and then in Vienna).

The first husband of Forouq Rokni Qajar was Mr. Ala-Mir. Ahmad Mirza's wife was his cousin Mehri Rokni Qajar. Mehri was the sister of Mohammad Mirza husband of Forouzandeh Rokni Qajar but from a different mother. I do not know which one of Mohammad Taqi Mirza (son of Mohammad Shah) sons was their father. Shayesteh Khanoum and her sister like their mother all three married three Ghaffari brothers: Mossadeghdoleh, Mohandessolmamalek and the elder brother, whose title I do not recall. Ebtehaj-el-Molouk's husband was very important and a small historical matter regarding them is that the great Iranian painter Kamal-el-Molk died in their house and was given an estate by Ebtehaj-el-Molouk's husband.

From all the sons and daughters of Reza Qoli Mirza there are only two who are still living: Forouzandeh and Farangiss.

The daughter of Farangiss Rokni is Mojgan Akhzarpour.

My brother and sisters are: Nahid, Soussane and Hormoz Mahdavi.

Some of the children of aunt Ghamar-el-Molouk and Mohammad Amin Khan Ganji (Shaji-el-Molk ) are: Hesaam, Malek-turan, Pouran-dokht, Amir Hassan, and Amir Hossein.


Photo dating from about 1960 of Sharafat-el-Molouk Rokni and Maryam Rokni (from left to right) in Tehran.

Maryam Rokni Qajar and my eldest sister Nahid Mahdavi (ca. 1940)

Asieh Khanoum (Touran Dokht) , late 19th century

Shayesteh Khanoum ( Sharafat-ed-Dowleh Qajar)

Ahvaz Norooz 1963, From left to right: Majid Mirza Rokni Qajar, Mohammad Mirza (cousin of Forouzandeh), Forouzandeh Rokni Qajar, wife of Majid Mirza, Mohammad Ali Fardoom, Maryam Rokni Qajar, Children from Right to left: Mohammad Reza Fardoom (me), Zolfaghar, Zoleikha, Shahryar, Yassamin , Khosrow. Yassamin is the daughter of Forouzandeh and Mohammad Mirza. The others are all some of the children of Majid Mirza.

This is a picture of Forouzandeh and Mohammad Mirza Rokni Qajar (husband and wife and also cousins).


This is a historic picture, taken in 1912, of Reza Qoli Mirza Rokni Qajar and representatives of Russia, England, the Ottoman Empire and Germany. Sitting is Shahbaz Qaffari, the brother of Turan-Dokht Qaffari, i.e. my grand mother's brother.


The above information is still incomplete for the remaining members of the Rokni Qajar family. Information on this page also comes from Mr. Christopher Buyers' site on Qajar Genealogy.



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