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Badie-Qajar (Kadjar)


Note: The information below was supplied to us by our cousins Amin Badie and Sara Solati. They can be contacted at Amin Badie and Sara Solati. The Badie(1) family is closely related to the Arasteh (2), Molkara (3) and Hessami families as they share common ancestors down to Nader Mirza Molk Ara and his children. For the Arasteh family genealogy, please click here. For the Molkara family, please click here. For the Hessami family, please click here and see below 1.6


Ancestor: Fath Ali Shah Qajar

1.2 Fath Ali Shah's second son Mohammad Qoli Mirza "Molk-Ara," marries Shah Zanan Afshar of the Afshar Dynasty. Their son is 1.2.1 Soltan Badi ol Zaman Mirza Molk-Ara, "Saheb Ekhtiar." He marries Jahan Soltan Khanoum, daughter of Mohammad Ali Mirza, "Hessam Saltaneh" (see below 1.6.4) Their sons are: Nader Mirza Molk-Ara, Abdol Javad Mirza and Jalil Mirza, the latter two being immediate ancestors of the Badi (Badie) family.

-- Nader Mirza Molk Ara marries the sister of the Khan of the Javanshir tribe, Khadijeh Javanshir Shah Baji. Their son is Badi Zaman Mirza (II) Molk-Ara, "Mohtashem Hozour." He marries his cousin Malek Zadeh Khanoum Molk-Ara. Their son is Nader Mirza Arasteh.(2) Nader Mirza marries Ashraf Saltaneh Meftah. They have three children: Dr. Cyrus Arasteh; Dr. Farhad Arasteh and Guity Khanoum Ara Arasteh. Guity Khanoum Arasteh has four children: Rouminouh, Avizeh, Rika and Padideh (m. Tosti).

Badi Zaman Mirza's son Abdol Javad Mirza has a son by the name of Abdol Ali Mirza Badie. His son is Abdol Javad Mirza Badie. His son is Fathali Mirza Badie. His son is Amin Badie.

-- Abdol Javad Mirza marries Hayat Khanoum. Their son is Abdol Ali Mirza Badi. He marries his cousin Princess Partow Badi, daughter of Jalil Mirza (see below). Their son is Abdol Javad Mirza (II) Badi. His son is Fathali Mirza Badi. His son is Amin Badi (Badie).

-- Jalil Mirza marries Shahzadeh Aqa Zinat Hessami. Their children are: Ebrahim Khalil Mirza who marries Fakhr-ol-Molouk Khanoum Badi; Partow Piale Khanoum who marries Abdol Ali Mirza Badi; Jalaleddin Mirza who marries Eftekhar Azam Khanoum Hessami "Shohre Afagh;" Badr-ol-Molouk Khanoum who marries Haj Mirza Ali Habibollahi; Nour-ol-Saltaneh Khanoum who marries 1. Hedayat Allah Mohit Mafi and 2. Hesamoddin Mirza Hessami; Shams-ol-Molouk Khanoum who marries 1. Abdol Hossein Mirza "Soltan-ol-Olama" and 2. Hadj Mirza Mehdi Habibollahi; Zia-ol-Molouk Khanoum who marries Azzizollah Shirazi; Abdol Reza Mirza who marries Sedighe Khanoum Khosravi; Baha-ol-Molouk Khanoum who marries Reza Azarakhshi. Jalil Mirza marries as his second wife Shah Baji (Fatemeh). From this marriage he has a son, Nozar Mirza. Princess Partow Badi marries her cousin Abdol Ali Mirza Badi, grand-son of Soltan Badi-ol-Zaman Mirza and son of Abdol Javad Mirza Badi (see above). They have a sonand two daughters: Abdol Javad Mirza (II) Badi; Zarrin Malek Badi, who in turn marries her maternal cousin Aqa Bozorg Habibollahi, son of Haj Mirza Ali Habibollahi and Badr-ol-Molouk Khanoum Badi (see below); and Malihe Afagh (Vida). Princess Badr-ol-Molouk Badi marries Hadj Mirza Ali Habibollah of the Habibollalh Family. Their son is Aqa Bozorg Habibollahi who marries his maternal cousin Zarrin Malek Badi (see above). They have one son and one daughter, Houman Habibollahi and Barbara Habibollahi. Barbara Habibollahi marries Davood Solati. Their daughter is Sara Solati.

1.6 Fath Ali Shah's sixth son, Mohammad Taqi Mirza "Hessam Saltaneh," descendants are as follows: 1.6.1 Habibollah Mirza, 1.6.2 Ali Morad Mirza, 1.6.3 Abolfath Mirza, 1.6.4 Jahan Soltan Khanoum (see above 1.2.1)

1.6.1 Habibollah Mirza's descendants?

1.6.2 Ali Morad Mirza's son Soltan Mohammad Mirza marries Fakhr-ol-Hadjieh Khanoum. Their children are: Shazdeh Aqa (Zinat Aqa) Hessami, who marries her cousin Jalil Mirza Badi (for their children, see above; Hormat-ol-Molouk Khanoum who marries Youssef Mirza "Entezam-ol-Mamalek;" Fakhr-ol-Molouk Khanoum Hessami who marries Jalaleddin Tabatabaii.

1.6.3 Abolfath Mirza's descendants?

1.6.4 Jahan Soltan Khanoum marries her cousin 1.2.1 Soltan Badi-ol-Zaman Mirza Molk-Ara, "Saheb Ekhtiar." Their sons are: Nader Mirza Molk-Ara, Abdol Javad Mirza and Jalil Mirza, the latter two being immediate ancestors of the Badi (Badie) family. (See above).



1) The family name Badie (Badi) derives from the first name of Mohammad Qoli Mirza's son, Badi'e Zaman Mirza. The surname Molk-Ara was not allowed by Reza Shah, thus this branch of the family chose Badie (Badi) as their surname.

2) The name Arasteh derives from "Molk-Ara." The surname "Molk-Ara" was not allowed by Reza Shah, thus the changed version to Arasteh.

3) The Molk-Ara family is not to be confused with the Shams Molk-Ara family whose ancestor is Nasser-ed-Din Shah's brother, Abbas Mirza Molk-Ara.



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