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Hessami-Qajar (Kadjar)


Note: The information below was supplied to us by our cousins Amin Badie and Sara Solati. They can be contacted at Amin Badie and Sara Solati. The Badie(1) family is closely related to the Arasteh (2), Molkara (3) and Hessami families as they share common ancestors down to Nader Mirza Molk Ara and his children. For the Arasteh family genealogy, please click here. For the Molkara family, please click here.


Ancestor: Fath Ali Shah Qajar

1.6 Fath Ali Shah's sixth son is Mohammad Taqi Mirza "Hessam Saltaneh." His title is the origin of the family name "Hessami." His descendants are as follows: 1.6.1 Habibollah Mirza, 1.6.2 Ali Morad Mirza, 1.6.3 Abolfath Mirza, 1.6.4 Jahan Soltan Khanoum (see above 1.2.1)

1.6.1 Habibollah Mirza's descendants?

1.6.2 Ali Morad Mirza's son Soltan Mohammad Mirza marries Fakhr-ol-Hadjieh Khanoum. Their children are: Shazdeh Aqa (Zinat Aqa) Hessami, who marries her cousin Jalil Mirza Badi (for their children, see Badi genealogy); Hormat-ol-Molouk Khanoum who marries Youssef Mirza "Entezam-ol-Mamalek;" Fakhr-ol-Molouk Khanoum Hessami who marries Jalaleddin Tabatabaii.

1.6.3 Abolfath Mirza's descendants?

1.6.4 Jahan Soltan Khanoum marries her cousin Soltan Badi-ol-Zaman Mirza Molk-Ara, "Saheb Ekhtiar." Their sons are: Nader Mirza Molk-Ara, Abdol Javad Mirza and Jalil Mirza, the latter two being immediate ancestors of the Badi (Badie) family. (For nader Mirza's children see Molkara genealogy. For Badi-ol-Zaman Mirza's relation see Badie genealogy).



1) The family name Badie (Badi) derives from the first name of Mohammad Qoli Mirza's son, Badi'e Zaman Mirza. The surname Molk-Ara was not allowed by Reza Shah, thus this branch of the family chose Badie (Badi) as their surname.

2) The name Arasteh derives from "Molk-Ara." The surname "Molk-Ara" was not allowed by Reza Shah, thus the changed version to Arasteh.

3) The Molk-Ara family is not to be confused with the Shams Molk-Ara family whose ancestor is Nasser-ed-Din Shah's brother, Abbas Mirza Molk-Ara.



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