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Arasteh-Qajar (Kadjar)



Note: The information below was supplied by our cousin Padideh Tosti (Arasteh). She can be contacted at Padideh Tosti.


Ancestor: Fath Ali Shah Qajar

His second son Mohammad Qoli Mirza Molk-Ara, marries Shah Zanan Afshar of the Afshar Dynasty.

Their son is Badi Zaman Mirza Molk-Ara, "Saheb Ekhtiar." He marries Jahan Soltan Khanoum, daughter of Mohammad Ali Mirza, "Hessam Saltaneh."

Their son is Nader Mirza Molk-Ara. He marries the sister of the Khan of the Javanshir tribe, Khadijeh Javanshir Shah Baji.

Their son is Badi Zaman Mirza Molk-Ara, "Mohtashem Hozour." He marries his cousin Malek Zadeh Khanoum Molk-Ara.

Their son is Nader Mirza Arasteh.(3) Nader Mirza marries Ashraf Saltaneh Meftah.

They have three children: Dr. Cyrus Arasteh; Dr. Farhad Arasteh and Guity Khanoum Ara Arasteh.

Guity Khanoum Arasteh has four children: Rouminouh, Avizeh, Rika and Padideh.




1) The Molk-Ara family is not to be confused with the Shams Molk-Ara family whose ancestor is Nasser-ed-Din Shah's brother, Abbas Mirza Molk-Ara.

2) The Arasteh family is also related to the Badie family who are descendants of Abdol Javad Mirza and Galil Mirza, the children of Soltan Badi (Badie) al-Zaman Mirza, "Saheb Ekhtiar," and brothers of Nader Mirza Molk Ara (see above). For the genealogy of the Badie-Qajar family please click here.

3) The name Arasteh derives from "Molk-Ara." The surname "Molk-Ara" was not allowed by Reza Shah, thus the changed version to Arasteh.



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