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Amirghahari (Kadjar)


Ancestor: Kamran Mirza, Nayeb Saltaneh, son of Nasser-ed-Din Shah Qajar (Kadjar). (To see Kamran Mirza's seal click here.)

Shahzadeh Kamran Mirza, Nayeb Saltaneh (1867), Amir Kabir (1870), was born in Tehran, 22nd July 1856, son of Monir os-Saltaneh, daughter of Mohammad Taqi Khan, Chief Architect of Tehran, under Nasser-ed-Din Shah. On account of the non-Qajar origin of his mother, like his other famous brother Zell-e-Soltan, Kamran Mirza was not eligible for succession to the throne, though he was his father's favorite son and bore an uncanny resemblance to Nasser-ed-Din Shah. He was educated by private tutors and at the Imperial Miliatary College in Tehran and was given the rank of Field Marshall, Amir Kabir, by his father. He was Governor of Tehran from 1862 to 1873, Minister for War from 1869 to 1873, 1884, 1896 and 1906-1908 and Governor-General of Khorasan from 1916 to 1917.

He received the Order of the Royal Portrait (Temssaal-e Homayouni) from his father and the Grand Cross Order from Leopold of Austria (1880). He married several wives including a daughter of Shahzadeh Soltan Morad Mirza, Hessam os-Saltaneh, Conqueror of Herat. He died in 1927, having had issue ten sons and nine daughters, including:

-- Shahzadeh Khanom Malekeh Jahan. b. 1875, in 1893 married Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar (b. at Tabriz, 21st June 1872; d. at San Remo, Italy 5th April 1924), eldest son of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah. For her descendants see Qajar Succession.


-- Shahzadeh Khanoum Fakhr-e Oliah, Nezhat Saltaneh, (Princess Zahra). She married H.E. Sadreddin Amirghahari, "Showkat Nezam," Mirpanj, son of Bagher Amirghahari. Shahzadeh Khanoum Fakhr-e Oliah, Nezhat Saltaneh, (Princess Zahra) and H.E. Sadreddin Amirghahari, "Showkat Nezam," had six children:

Anoushirvan Amirghahari

Amir Kamran Amirghahari married Leyla Amin. They are the parents of: Zhianfar, Zhazeh, Zhakfar, and Zharfa Amirghahari.

Shahin Amirghahari, married Rejai. She is the mother of Ramin, Hormoz and Roya Rejai.

Dariush Amirghahari

Bahman Amirghahari

Kambiz Amirghahari

Descendants of Kamran Mirza in the male line are the Kamrani princes. For their genealogies see the Shajarehnameh project on these pages by clicking here.




Amir Kamran Amirghahari

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