Children of Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar (Kadjar)





Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar (Kadjar) (b. 19 or 20/2/1899-d. 1943)

(r. 1930-1943 in exile)

Children of Mohammad Hassan Mirza Kadjar: (Standing left to right) Rokneddin Mirza and Soltan Hossein Mirza
(Sitting left to right) Princess Shams Aqdas, Soltan Hamid Mirza, Princess Guity Afrouz
(Photo courtesy Soltan Ali Mirza Kadjar)


Mohammad Hassan Mirza's wives in order of marriage:

1. Princess Mahin Banou Malek-Mansour, daughter of Prince Sho'a Saltaneh, son of Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah

2. Mohtaram Saltaneh Razzaghi (sigheh)

3. Homayoun-os-Saltaneh Qovanlou Qajar, grand-daughter of Hossein Qoli Khan Qajar, brother of Fath Ali Shah

4. Shams-ol-Molouk, (sigheh), daughter of Moshaver-ol-Vezareh

5. Aziz Aghdas


His sons: (in order of seniority)

1. Soltan Hossein Mirza, son of Homayoun Saltaneh, (b. 1915--d.1986).

2. Soltan Hamid Mirza, son of Mohtaram Saltaneh Razzaghi, (b. 1918--d. 1988).

3. Rokneddin Mirza, son of Shams al Molouk, (b. 6/1923--d.1/1996)

His daughters:

4. Princess Shams Aqdas, daughter of Aziz Aqdas, (b. 1919--d.11/1991 in Paris)

5. Princess Guity Afrouz, daughter of Princess Mahin Banou Malek-Mansour, (b. 1922-- )




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