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Children and Descendants of Mass'oud Mirza Zell-e Soltan


Soltan Mass'oud Mirza "Zell-e Soltan" ("The Sultan's Shadow") "Yamin Dowleh," was Nasser-ed-Din Shah's eldest son, governor of Esfahan, brother of Kamran Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh and of Mozaffar-ed-Din Mirza (later Shah). He had 14 sons and 11 daughters as follows:

Sons of Mass'oud Mirza in order of seniority:

1. Hossein Mirza "Jalal-ed-Dowleh," son of Kokab Dowleh, daughter of Taghi Khan Amir Kabir, named after Mass'oud Mirza's beloved brother Soltan Hossein Mirza Jalal-ed-Dowleh who had died in early adolescence. He had two sons and two daughters as follows: 1. Zell-e Dowleh, 2. Jalal-ed-Dowleh, and 1. Malekeh-ye Zaman and 2. Badr-e-Zaman. Princess Malekeh-ye Zaman married Prince Zell-e Saltaneh, son of Kamran Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh. Princess Badr-e Zaman married another son of Kamran Mirza. (see Kamrani.)

2. Akbar Mirza "Sarem-ed-Dowleh," (b. 1885 -- d. Esfahan, 29 September 1975), son of Behjat Saltaneh, married first, Eftekhar Azam, daughter of Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Atabak Azam; m. second [sigheh] Malekeh Afagh. He had three sons and two daughters as follows: 1. (by Eftekhar Azam) Khosrow Mirza (b. 1912), 2. (by Eftekhar Azam) Asghar Mirza (living in Paris today); 3. ( by Malekeh Afagh) Anvar Mirza (no issue ?).1. (by Eftekhar Azam) Princess Victoria (named after Queen Victoria) who married first Hassan Akbar, senator from Gilan, and second Manuchehr Mirza Farmanfarmaian; 2. (by Malekeh Afagh) Princess Akhtar who married first Hossein Eshraghi and second Ambassador Khosrow Hedayat. She lives in Santa Monica today.

3. Soltan Mahmoud Mirza "Yamin Saltaneh," had three sons and three daughters from two marriages as follows: 1. Ahmad Mirza, 2. Abolghassem Mirza, 3. Ebrahim Mirza, 1. Princess Enbessat Dowleh, 2. Princess Malekeh, 3. Princess Afsar Mass'oud. They have offspring.

4. Homayoon Mirza "Amir Arfa'," son of Haj Monavar-ol-Saltaneh Kordi (daughter of Kurdish Ilkhan and sixth wife of Massou'd Mirza Zell-e-Soltan). He married Princess "Shazdeh Khanom" (daughter of .....) and had one son and seven daughters from this marriage as follows: 1. Gholam Mirza; 1. Princess Shazdeh Khanom (m. Mesghalchi); 2. Princess Iran (m. Molabashi); 3. Princess Sedigheh (m. Kazerouni); 4. Princess Ozra (m. Kashefi); 5. Princess Touran (m. Eshraghi); 6. Princess Tahereh (m. Touba) and 7. Princess Faezeh (m. Kazerouni). Each in turn have offspring. (Please see note below)

5. Esma'il Mirza "Mo'tamed Dowleh," married Princess Homayoun Tadj, daughter of Sho'a Saltaneh II Malek-Mansour. They had two daughters: Princess Pourandokht who married Mostafa Soltani and who had two children Bahram and Shahla from that marriage, and Princess Assefeh who married Morteza Soltani and had three children from that marriage.

6. Bahram Mirza Sardar Mass'oud, full brother of Esma'il Mirza. He had no issue.

7. Ardeshir Mirza. He had one son and two daughters: 1. Malek Mansour Mirza (died without issue), 1. Princess ...; 2. Princess ..,

8. Morad Mirza married first Ashraf Dowleh daughter of Emam Jom'eh of Esfahan, second sister of wife of Homayoon Mirza (see above 4.) and third sigheh wife. He had four sons and two daughters as follows: 1. Abbas Mirza, 2. Nasser Mirza, 3. Asadollah Mirza, 4. Mamdali Mirza; 1. Princess Ashraf-el-Molouk; 2. Princess Fakhr-el-Molouk. They have offspring.

9. Teymour Mirza married Sorour Saltaneh. He had three sons and two daughters as follows: 1. Jahangir Mirza, married Princess Malekeh Mass'oud daughter of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Yamin Saltaneh. They had one son, Manouchehr Mirza, who died in 2003 of cancer; 2. Reza Gholi Mirza (m. his maternal cousin); 3. Fath Ali Mirza, married Princess Afsar Mass'oud, daughter of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Yamin Saltaneh; 1. Princess Malekeh, married Abol Gassem Mirza son of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Yamin Saltaneh; Princess Massoumeh, married son of Mostafa Khan Fateh, c.e.o. of British Petroleum.

10. Firouz Mirza married Princess Malekeh Ozma, daughter of Banu Ozma, sister of Mass'oud Mirza Zell-e Soltan. They had five sons as follows: 1. Abbas Mirza, 2. Mohsen Mirza who died in his youth, 3. Sahebgheran Mirza, who married the daughter of Gholam Hossein Mirza, Princess Fatemeh, 4. Ghahreman Mirza, 5. Soltan Hossein Mirza.

11. Mohammad Hassan Mirza, son of Saltanat Khanom, married Ashraf-el-Molouk, daughter of Ejlal Saltaneh Sadri. They had one son and two daughters as follows: Mohammad Ali Mirza (a.k.a. "Shazdeh Automobil Mirza" on account of the flashy 1942 Buick he drove!), 1. Princess Ashraf-el-Molouk; 2. Princess Forough-el-Molouk.

12. Gholam Hossein Mirza, son of Kokab Saltaneh, who had two sons 1. ... Mirza and 2. ... Mirza, and one daughter 1 Princess Fatemeh, who married her paternal cousin Sahebgheran Mirza, son of Firouz Mirza Mass'oud.

13. Hormoz Mirza, colonel of the Cossack Brigade, married first Malek Khanom and second Saltanat Khanom, both daughters of Haj Moshir-ol-Molk Esfahani. He had two sons and one daughter as follows: 1. sartip Mass'oud who married his paternal cousin Princess Enbessat Dowleh daughter of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza Yamin Saltaneh; 2. Bahman Mirza; 1. Princess Iran Mass'oud who married Khosrovani (of the family of Sahar Khosrovani [m. Ferydoun Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn]).

14. Fereydoun Mirza, who had no issue.

Mass'oud Mirza's daughters (in order of seniority):

1. Princess Kokab Saltaneh, (full sister of Hossein Mirza Jalal-ed-Dowleh, daughter of Kokab Dowleh, daughter of Taghi Khan Amir Kabir), m. Etemadi. They had four sons and one daughter as follows: 1. Nasser-ed-Dowleh Etemadi, 2. Mohammad Hassan Khan, 3. Mohammad Khan, Nassrollah Khan; 1. Kokab-el-Molouk

2. Princess Showkat Saltaneh, (full sister of Hossein Mirza Jalal-ed-Dowleh, daughter of Kokab Dowleh, daughter of Taghi Khan Amir Kabir), m. Sardar Azam I, son of Princess Banu Ozma (sister of Mass'oud Mirza) and Abol Fath Khan Sarem-ed-Dowleh. They had one son and two daughters as follows: 1. Abol Fath Khan Ghahreman "Sardar Azam II"; 1. Akhtar Saltaneh who married Amanollah Mirza Jahanbani; 2. Eftekhar Dowleh who married Ali Reza Khan Bakhtiar. (See also Banou Ozma's descendants under "Children of Nasser-ed-Din Shah")

3. Princess Badr-ed-Dowleh, m. Heshmat Homayoun, son of Princess Banu Ozma. They had two sons and one daughter as follows: 1. Fakhr-el-Molk ; 2. Abdol Majid; Badr-e Zaman (m. Ali Mohamad Showkat). (See also Banou Ozma's descendants under "Children of Nasser-ed-Din Shah")

4. Princess Effat Dowleh, m. Badi-el-Molk "Salar Jang," son of Princess Banu Ozma. They had four sons and one daughter as follows: 1. Mohammad Hassan Khan; 2. Mohammad Hossein Khan; 3. Abbas Khan; 4. Mohammad Khan; 1. Ehteram Dowleh (m. son of Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Bagher Shafti "Imam Shiayan." (See also Banou Ozma's descendants under "Children of Nasser-ed-Din Shah"). Mohammad Hossein Khan had two sons and three daughters: Hamid, Malek Mansour, Fatemeh, Soraya, and Zohreh (m. Alavi). Abbas Khan had two sons Malek Iradj and Malek Touradj Badi-Mass'oud and one daughter Parvin Malak Badi-Mass'oud (m. Nowrasteh). Mohammad Khan had one son and one daughter, Ahmad and Fakhrieh.

5. Princess Ghamar Dowleh, (m. Abbas Qoli Khan, son of Princess Banu Ozma. They had two sons and and one daughter as follows: 1. Nasser Qoli Khan Mass'oud, who in turn had two daughters (names missing); 2. Hossein Qoli Khan Massoud who had no issue; Aghdass-el-Molouk who married her paternal cousin Ahmad Mirza son of Soltan Mahmoud Mirza "Yamin Saltaneh." They in turn had three children: Mohammad Mirza, Houshang Mirza and Princess Fatemeh. They had no offspring. (See also Banou Ozma's descendants under "Children of Nasser-ed-Din Shah")

6. Princess Afsar Saltaneh, (full sister of Gholam Hossein Mirza by Kokab Saltaneh) m. Naini. They had one son and one daughter as follows: Dr. Moshir Fatemi and Molouk Sadat.

7. Princess Malekeh Sadat, (daughter of Seyedeh Khanom), m. (name missing). They had three daughters as follows: 1. Sedigheh; 2. Maryam, and 3. Parvaneh. Sedigheh (m. Rastegar) has three children: Ali Reza, Firouzeh (m. first Arouzi; second Farhad Diba) and Soussi (m. Kerman).

8. Princess Malekeh Homa, daughter of Haj Monavar-ol-Saltaneh Kordi, full sister of Homayoon Mirza Amir Arfa'. Married Ahmad Khan Chaleh Shotori. They had one son, Amir Gholi Khan Riahi.

9. Princess Malekeh Torkan, daughter of Khorshid Khanom, married Ezaz-ed-Dowleh Nikpey. They had three sons: 1. Jamshid Nikpey who married a daughter of Princess Fakhr-el-Molk; 2. Hamid Nikpey who married the daughter of Kazerouni; 3. Dr. Gholam Reza Nikpey.

10. Princess Ezzat Saltaneh, married Assadollah Khan Makouipour. They had two children: Abbas Khan Makouipour and Behjat-ed-Dowleh.



1) This genealogy of the descendants of Mass'oud Mirza was given to us by our cousin Malek Iradj Badi-Mass'oud who passed away Sunday, March 27th, 2005 in the US. This page is dedicated to his memory and to the memory of the family he loved, the descendants of Mass'oud Mirza. There is a controversy and question regarding a possible additional daughter of Mass'oud Mirza Zell-Soltan, who purportedly was married to Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Turkey. Malek Iradj Badi-Mass'oud added her name as "Zell-e Soltaneh" in his own hand to a hand written list of the children of Mass'oud Mirza in our possession which he sent to us. There is no other corroboration for the existence of such a daughter, either in the Kadjar family archives or in any official document, Persian, British, Russian, or Ottoman. There is also no corroboration whatsoever on the marriage of such a daughter to Sultan Abdul Hamid II, not in Ottoman Court records, not in Ottoman archives, not in British archives, not in Persian archives, that has come to light to date. Therefore no mention of this supposed eleventh daughter is made in any of our genealogies anymore. Should there ever be conclusive evidence to the contrary, proper rectification will be made without delay. We therefore encourage anyone who has documentary evidence of such a possibility to contact us by mail or eletronic mail with the greatest urgency.

2) The following additional information on Homayoon Mirza's descendants was provided by Mr. Ali Reza Sagharchi:

Homayoun Mirza married Shazdeh Khanom had one son and seven daughters as follows:
1. HH Gholam Ali Mirza; (m. Pari Sadri); Children ?
2. HH Princess Shazdeh Khanom; (m. Mesghalchi ); their children: 1. Taj-ol-Molouk (m. Emami); her children: 1.Morteza; 2.Farideh (m. Kasra Esfandiari)
3. HH Princess Iran (m. firstly Molabashi; m. secondly Hatrati) her children:1. Hassan; 2.Khadijeh (m. B. Jahanbani brother of H.H. Manijeh Khanom (wife of HIH Gholam Reza Pahlavi) daughter of General H.H. Mansour Mirza [Mansour Jahanbani], by his wife, H.H. Lida Khanom, a former wife of H.I.M. Soltan Ahmad Shah Qajar, Shahanshah of Persia; 3. Shahrashoob (m. firstly Kashefi and secondly M. Bonakdar Industrialist and brother of Ali Bonakdar husband of HH Mehrmah Eshraghi daughter of HH Princess Touran)
4. HH Princess Sedigheh (m. Kazerouni). Their children: 1. Morteza , 2. Mostafa, 3. Zahra (m. Nikpei )
5. HH Princess Ozra; (m. Kashefi). Their children: 1. Heydar, 2. Halakou, 3. Fereshteh, 4. Fatemeh.
6. HH Princess Touran (m. Agha Mohamad Khan Eshraghi, son of Amin-ol- Shahrieh Eshraghi). Their children
  1. Aligholi (m. Nosrat Khanom). Their children: 1. Azadeh (m. Nasr) had daughter Maryam;
  2. Mehrmah born 1929 Isfahan (m. Ali Bonakdar b. Isfahan, Industrialist). Their children: Leila b 1950 Isfahan (m. Alireza Maghzian, businessman); their children;1. Golamreza; 2. Negar; 3. Parisa; 4. Shahla b 1952 (m. Mahmood Mortazavi retired industrialist). Their children: 1. Shahram; 2.Hadi.
  3. Shirin b 1954;
  4. Sheyda b 1957 (m. Farhad. Amidi businessman). Their children: 1. Feranak b. Los Angeles; 2. Siamak b. Tehran; 3. Bahman b. Tehran;
  5. Mina b. 31 January 1961 (m. Alireza Sagharchi, born 17th October 1959, Architect ). Their child: 1. Nima b. 17 July 1988 London;
  6. Hassan b. 1964 (m. Fatemeh Arbab-Shirani). Their child: 1. Raha born 1999
7. HH Princess Tahereh (m. Touba). Their children: 1. Homayoun; 2. Touraj; 3. Iraj; 4. Zohreh
8. Princess Faezeh (m. Kazerouni). Their children: 1. Akbar; 2. Deljou

3) For the most updated information on the descendants of Mass'oud Mirza Zell-e Soltan, see Genealogy Section of Qajar Studies, Volume V, July 2005, the Journal of the International Qajar Studies Association (IQSA). To order the Journal go to:

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