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Heshmati-Qajar (Kadjar)


Bibliography and Sources:

-- Laurent Lazard. He can be reached at:
-- Mirza Ahma Khan Azod-ed-Dowleh, Taarikh-e Azodi, Nashr-e Elm, Tehran, 1376 solar.  


Note: The Heshmati family tree is not complete as presented here. A complete version is being researched from family archives.


Ancestor: Abbas Mirza Nayeb Saltaneh

The 26th and youngest son of Abbas Mirza was Abdollah Khan. Abdollah Khan, died in his youth. His son, Ebrahim Mirza, was named Abdollah Mirza by Nasser-ed-Din shah in commemoration of his father, and was given the title "Heshmat-ed-Dowleh" by Nasser-ed-Din Shah.

His son was Nosrat Sardar-Heshmat

His son was Abbas Mirza Heshmati, who had two sons, Kambiz Mirza Heshmati and Behrouz Mirza Heshmati.

Kambiz Mirza Heshmati had two daughters Chahrnaz Heshmati and Aria Heshmati (m. Lazard)


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