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Ghahremani-Qajar (Kadjar)


Bibliography and Sources:

-- Fath Ali Mirza Ghahremani-Ghadjar
-- Mirza Ahma Khan Azod-ed-Dowleh, Taarikh-e Azodi, Nashr-e Elm, Tehran, 1376 solar.  


Note: The Ghahremani family tree is not complete as presented here. A complete version of the Ghahremani family tree is found in Fath Ali Mirza Ghahremani's private archive. It is only partly reproduced here.


Ancestor: Abbas Mirza Nayeb Saltaneh

His son: 1. Prince Ghahreman Mirza* (b. 1807-1835) ===> origin of family name "Ghahremani."

His son 1.1 Prince Kiomarth Mirza "Amid-ed-Dowleh" (b. 1835-d.1902)



1.1 Prince Kiomarth Mirza's children:

     1.1.1 Prince Shoa'-ed-Din Mirza

     1.1.2 Prince Ghahreman Mirza

     1.1.3 Princess Aziz-ed-Dowleh

     1.1.4 Princess Aziz-el-Molouk

     1.1.5 Princess Tal'at-ed-Dowleh

     1.1.6 Princess Nim Tadj Khanoum

     1.1.7 Princess Ghamar-ol-Molouk

     1.1.8 Prince Mohammad Mehdi Mirza.

     1.1.9 Prince Sharif-ed-Din Mirza

     1.1.10 Prince Amid-od-Din Mirza



* Prince Ghahreman Mirza was Abbas Mirza Nayeb Saltaneh's eighth son, and full brother of Prince Mohammad Mirza (later Mohammad Shah Qajar). He was in turn governor of Sabzevar, Yazd, Khorasan, and Azarbaijan. He was born in 1807 and died in 1835.



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