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Ali Reza Khan Qajar (Kadjar) Qoyunlou, Azod-ol-Molk

Amir Soleymani



Ali Reza Khan Qajar (Kadjar) (Amir Soleymani), Azod-ol-Molk [pronounced "Azdelmolk"], was head of the Qajar (Kadjar) tribe when he was asked to be the Regent for the young Ahmad Shah, who had to accede to the throne when his father was forced into exile by the combined force of Great Britain, the Constitutional Revolution and the tempest he had unleashed and could not control any longer. Soltan Ahmad Shah accedes to the throne on July 18, 1909. Azod-ol-Molk remains Regent until his death in office on September 22, 1910. He is succeeded as Regent by Abol-Ghassem Khan Gharagozlou, Nasser-ol-Molk, who was regent from 1910 to 1913, until Soltan Ahmad Shah reached majority. Ali Reza Khan was a man of great integrity and fiercely loyal to the Qajars (Kadjars).

Azdelmolk had ten children, five daughters and five sons, as follows:

1. Azdelomolk II, who died without issue.

2. Khanoum Fakhr-ol-Tadj A'la-ed-Dowleh, married to Amir A'la'i, Ala-ed-Dowleh Davalou-Ghajar I, Governor of Tehran who had issue as follows:

2.1 Amir Amir A'la'i, who had two children: Amir Azam and Amir Hossein Amiralai Davalou-Ghajar (Ala-ed-Dowleh II).

2.1.1 Amir Hossein Amiralai Davalou-Ghajar (Ala-ed-Dowleh II) married Effat-ol-Molouk Amiralai Ghajar. Their son is Fazlolah (Amir) Amiralai. His son is: Navid Amiralai

2.2 A'la-ed-Dowleh Kouchak, had a daughter: Khanoum Ghamar Tadj. (Other children?)

2.2.1 Khanoum Ghamar Tadj married her cousin Davoud Pirnia. (See below at 2.5.1) She had nine children: Mahindokht Pirnia, Mehrdokht Pirnia, Guitydokht Pirnia, Bahram Pirnia, Mehriar Pirnia, Dariush Pirnia, Bijan Pirnia, Shahrokh Pirnia, Farokh Pirnia.

2.3 Khanoum Fakhr-e Azam, married to Prince ... Kamrani. She had issue as follows: Batoul Khanoum, Malek Khanoum, Khanoum Tadj Azam Shayesteh, Robab Khanoum, Ashraf Dokht Khanoum, Khanoum Tadj Aghdas.

2.3.2 Malek Khanoum had issue as follows: Abbas, Ali, Reza, Hossein.

2.3.3 Khanoum Tadj Azam Shayesteh had issue as follows: Mina, Lila, Guity, Kambiz. Lila's son is Reza.

2.3.6 Khanoum Tadj Aghdas had issue as follows: Mohammad Hossein, Zahra, Massoud, Mansour.

2.4 Khan Mohammad Khan Amir A'la'i, who had issue as follows: Sa'id Amir A'la'i (deceased); Floriz Fouladvand, Gloria Pirnia, who in turn has two sons, Shahriar and Fereydoun.

2.5 Khanoum Shokou Ozma Fatemeh, married to Moshir-ed-Dowleh Pirnia. She had issue as follows: Davoud, Abol Ghassem, Vali Ollah, Mehdi, Bagher and Hormoz. They each had issue in turn as follows:

2.5.1 Davoud Pirnia married his cousin Ghamar Tadj Amir Alai (a.k.a Mehrazam). Davoud Pirnia's children are as follows: Mahindokht Pirnia, Mehrdokht Pirnia, Guitydokht Pirnia, Bahram Pirnia, Mehriar Pirnia, Dariush Pirnia, Bijan Pirnia, Shahrokh Pirnia, Farokh Pirnia. They each have issue in turn (To be completed.) (See also above at 2.2) Mahindokht Pirnia (m. Jahanshahi) has issue as follows: Majid Jahanshahi, (To be completed.)

2.5.2 Abol Ghassem Pirnia's children are as follows: Jahangir, Pirouz and Neda.

2.5.3 Valli Ollah Pirnia's children are as follows: Mostafa, Iradj, Abdolvahab.

2.5.4 Mehdi Pirnia's son: Parviz.

2.5.5 Bagher Pirnia's children are as follows: Farhad (deceased), Fereydoun, Sharyar.

2.5.6 Hormoz Pirnia's children are as follows: Leyla, Farideh. Leyla Pirnia (m. Baschnonga) Her son: Adrian Reza Baschnonga

3. Sardar Makhssous. No issue.

4. Khanoum Sorour-al-Saltaneh, married to Abdol Hossein Khan Teymourtash, Minister of Court of Reza Shah Pahlavi. She had issue as follows: Iran Teymourtash (deceased without issue), Manoutchehr Teymourtash, Houshang Teymourtash, Mehrpour Teymourtash (deceased without issue). Manoutchehr and Houshang Teymourtash had issue in turn as follows:

4.2 Manoutchehr Teymourtash's children: 4.2.1. Manijeh Teymourtash; 4.2.2. Karimdad Teymourtash

4.3 Houshang Teymourtash's children: 4.3.1 Elaheh, 4.3.2 Kamran, 4.3.3 Maryam

5. Khanoum Afkham-ed-Dowleh (Zarin Taj) Sepahsalar. Her daughter is Khanoum Fakhr Moazzam Mah Taj married Soltan Salim Mirza Kamrani. She in turn had issue as follows: Mohsen, Tadjdar Bana, Shahin Tadj, and Keyvan Dokht Kamrani.

6. Amir Mostafa Amir Soleymani ("Moshir-ol-Saltaneh"). He married Qazal-Saltaneh Khanoum (Banou Aqdas) Kamrani. He had issue as follows: Amir, Ali Akbar, Ali Reza. They had issue in turn as follows:

6.1 Amir 's daughter is Flore.

6.2 Ali Akbar's children are as follows: 6.2.1 Maryanoush, 6.2.2 Khosrow, 6.2.3 Minou, 6.2.4 Mojgan.

6.2.1 Maryanoush has three children: Katy, Nazanin and Abdo-Reza

6.2.2 Khosrow has two children: Naz and Saghi Amirsoleymani

6.2.3 Minou has no children.

6.2.4 Mojgan has ... children (To be completed)

6.3 Ali Reza's children are as follows: 6.3.1 Mohammad Reza and 6.3.2 Mohammad Hossein

6.3.1 Mohamad Reza Amir Soleymani passed away in January 2001. He has two daughters: Faty Azadee Amir Soleimani and Leila Amir Soleimani

7. Maryam Khanoum Aghdas Dowleh, whose daughter is Khanoum Shokouh-ed-Dowleh Bayat, who in turn had issue as follows: Mansoureh (deceased), Mehri, Fereshteh, Pari.

8. Mohammad Khan Zahir al-Saltaneh, whose son is Amir Arfa' Amir Soleymani, who had issue in turn as follows:

8.1.1 Malekeh Ghajar, who had two children; Khan-e Khanan and Abol. Abol in turn had issue as follows: Farhad, Bahram, Belina.

8.1.2 Banu Makhsouss Zangeneh, who had issue as follows: Farah Azam, Vida Azam, Mehri Azam, Soraya Azam, Hossein Zangeneh.

8.1.3 ...-al-Zaman Sharif, whose son is Nasser Sharif.

9. Amir Issa Amir Soleymani, who had issue as follows:

9.1 Amir Massoud, whose children are: Abdol Reza and Malek Iradj

9.2 Soltan Mahmoud (no issue)

9.3 Soltan Ali, whose children are: Amir Abbas, Amir Hossein, and Soltan Hossein

9.4 Khanoum Ghods Azam, whose children are: Soheyla, Bijan, and Cyrus

9.5 Zahir Khaghan, whose children are: Farid, Maryam, Lida, Fereshteh, Farhad

9.6 Soltan Hamid, whose children are: Vida, Jhila, Jhaleh, Arsalan, and Mina. Jhaleh in turn has two children, Nasser Ali and Salma.

9.7 Amir Ashraf, whose children are: Reza, Guity, and Roshanak.

10. Khanoum Arfa'-al-Dowleh, no offspring.


Source of Picture: Morgan Shuster, The Strangling of Persia, Mage Publishers, Washington, DC, 1987.

Source of Genealogy: Private Archives of Azdelmolk's descendants.


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