Soltan Ahmad Shah's Note to Reza Khan Sardar Sepah



The originals of these notes are in the family archives of the descendants of Soltan Ahmad Shah Qajar (Kadjar). However, a copy of these notes was given by Princess Mahin Dowlatshah Firouz, wife of the late Prince Mozaffar Firouz (son of Prince Nossrat-Dowleh Firouz-Farmanfarmaian) to Dr. Nasrollah Seifpour Fatemi who published them in his political memoirs Reflection on a Time of Illusion, Nashr-e Ketab, London, 1985 (?). Princess Firouz since published her husband's memoirs entitled The Social and Political Life of Prince Mozaffar-ed-Din Firouz, Paris 1990, in which these documents are found as well. They have great historical value in that they show the reaction of Soltan Ahmad Shah to the doings of Reza Khan in Persia. A translation of these documents into English will be appended to this page soon.


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