Qajar (Kadjar) Shahs and the Art of Cinematography


"In 1900, Mozafar-e Din Shah Qajar (1896-1907) traveled to Europe for the first time. He saw a film on the international exhibition held in Paris that same year. Fascinated, the Shah took interest in this new medium and directed the very first film made in Iran; it was about life in the royal court, ..." (From: BBC World Service, Persian Program, Web Page: "The Magic Lantern: The Story of Iranian Cinema.")

To listen to this most amazing story in Farsi, click here.

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To read a recent article on Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah's love of cinema, click here: Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah and Cinema, by Naghmeh Sohrabi, The Iranian, August 2001.

This is not Nasser-ed-Din Shah, but he sure looks like him! To see Ezatollah Entezami in the role of Nasser-ed-Din Shah and others from the Qajar (Kadjar) period, click here.



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