Soltan Ahmad Shah and his brothers


A rare picture of three of the four brothers together. The occasion is the funeral procession of their father, Mohammad Ali Shah, in San Remo in April of 1925. Soltan Ahmad Shah is still Shah of Persia. His brother Prince Mohammad Hassan Mirza had remained behind in Tehran as Valiahd. Present at the funeral procession are, to Soltan Ahmad Shah's right with his face turned, Soltan Abdol Madjid Mirza; to Soltan Ahmad Shah's left in the front row with fingers crossed in front of him, Soltan Mahmoud Mirza.

A picture of all four brothers together does not seem to exist, or if it does exist, it is of utmost rarity.


Soltan Ahmad Shah and his Valiahd, Mohammad Hassan Mirza, his brother.



Soltan Mahmoud Mirza, brother of Ahmad Shah, ca. 1930.



Soltan Abdol Madjid Mirza (left, Soltan Ali Mirza's father) and Soltan Mahmoud Mirza in 1970 during a boat ride from Capri to Naples.



Note: The above pictures, with the exception of that of Soltan Ahmad Shah and his Valiahd, were graciously given to this writer by Prince Soltan Ali Mirza Kadjar. They are here reproduced with his permission.


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