Fath Ali Shah Qajar (Kadjar)

at the Moment of his Coronation



This painting of Fath Ali Shah by his earliest court painter Mirza Baba depicts him at the momemt of his coronation. This fact is indicated by the presence of the pocket watch by his knees marking the hour of 8 o'clock. This piece of information was inserted by the painter to indicate the difference between this painting and the others which are also in the formal royal style and show the shah with his jewels and crown. This painting is the only one that depicts him with this pocket watch.*



Source of picture: The Cambridge History of Iran, Vol. 7, "From Nadir Shah to the Islamic Republic."

Notes: * This discussion was presented at NYU in December 1998 at a symposium on the Qajars organized by the Brooklyn Museum of art in conjunction with NYU. The lecturer was Prof. Abbas Amanat.


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